Always Go With A Hoover  

blastngoff 52M
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7/19/2006 1:15 am
Always Go With A Hoover

Would you rather have a blow job or a suck job? A question for the ages I am sure and one that Socrates probably constantly pondered. Some will say that there is little difference, that it is just a difference in words only..but I would say that there is indeed quite a difference in the two and why it is always better to keep a Hoover around for as long as you can. Maybe the difference is would you rather clean your carpet with a leaf blower or a something with suction like a sweeper. Oh, you can tell the difference in the experience. To me a blow job is just like the title, it feels like a job. Kind of like the gal thinks that it is a requirement, an expected chore so will vainly attempt the task because "he is expecting it and I want to seem like I know what I am doing". These half-hearted attempts are almost a waste of time..but then again, it never really is..being an optimist, I will go with the theory that something is better than nothing. I suppose that I have learned a couple of things through life in this area; the first is to be very cautious if a gal has been drinking and wants to go oral on you. There is little worse than the gagging reflex after a few drinks. I have had that happen a couple of times and puking is always a downer and kind of quickly puts an end to what could have been some enjoyable sex. Something about having to clean up vomit from you and everything around you that turns out not to be very erotic and not the kind of foreplay most have in mind. Finding someone that can truly suck is a rarity. I have found that you can meet a lot of brooms but a Hoover is hard to find. This leads to a gal a dated for a while who I have fondly termed the "Hoover Queen". Now I doubt that she would appreciate her title nor find it very regal, but then again, knowing her, maybe she would take it as a compliment. She was a bartender at a place that I would visit downtown every now and then on a weekend night. We got to talking and hit it off one evening which led to me hanging around the bar until it closed, waiting outside while she closed out, and taking her home. She was from Turkey and was just a knockout. Dark hair, eyes, and skin, and knew very little English. I was in Germany at the time and fortunately knew just enough German that we could communicate on a limited scale using a mix of the two languages. But we didn't really need to communicate that much since having long conversations was never really our primary reason for getting together. Now this gal was probably a nympho, but she earned the title because she just had a love for sucking dick. She almost worshipped or idolized a stiff one. She would look longingly at your crotch and couldn't keep her hands from resting there getting you ready for the act. In fact, most times while you were driving home she had it out and would stroke it and then dive face first into your lap and begin what she loved. It was like a hunger. Like she had starved for a few days and this was the first sight of food that she had seen and needed to devour it to satisfy her emptiness. I would never suggest to anyone that they should try to drive a car while receiving head. You cannot completely control an automobile while this is going on and your concentration is certainly not on the road or traffic. I'm not a cop, but I am sure that they would not recommend it either..should be in the safety tips section of all state's rules of the road. This woman would want to do it everywhere and just could not get enough. Once after she closed up, we found a restaurant that was still open and got a table in one of the side rooms where we were (except for the staff), for the most part, alone. She pretended to drop something on the floor (she had already had it out and playing with it under the table while we were eating)and proceeded to stay with her head under the table and sucking it. Now not being a complete prude, but being a bit nervous and embarrassed should we get caught..even I had to put a stop to this one. I am almost sure that our waiter knew what was going on, but was in some way enjoying the show. Thank God there was a tablecloth on the table that was just long enough to sort of hide what was going on underneath it. But once she began it was like getting a leech off from your body. You almost had to burn her off. It is almost all that she wanted to do and could never get enough. No matter when or where, she wanted to go at it. Now I know it is bad to say, but even I almost had enough of it. And they say that you can never have enough of a good thing, but that is not always a true statement. It is not only that she worshipped the act of sucking, but she especially loved to eat it. She was one of the few women that I met that whispered in my ear that she couldn't wait to taste me and to please withdraw early enough so that she could fully enjoy downing every bit of load. She would lap up every drop like it was liquid gold or some kind of favorite ice cream. But not only that, she would keep at it to the point where the suction was so severe it got almost painful. Kind of like sucking your guts out through a straw. Almost every time I would have to pull her off which was alwasy a chore since she never wanted to un-latch herself. Heaven forbid that somehow some of the cum would be wasted in any way. A cat's reaction to spilled cream comes to mind. No matter where it might land; the sheets, a pillow, pant leg, floor, wherever.. she would go after it like a man seeking water in the desert..licking and sucking up each and every drop like her life depended on it. Yes, she was a cum junkie. I have never met anyone so addicted (though I sometimes wish that I would). Now we only dated for about 2 months for what so quickly started out as a flame, so quickly dwindled to a spark. I am also sure that she was in high demand and being a bartender I am also sure that she had plenty of opportunity. I guess that I was only a temporary thing for her so while the ride was short, what a rollercoaster it was. We did manage to hook up again for one last encounter. I happened to see her playing pool one night at a place a few blocks from where I lived. She was playing with a couple of other guys (she always attracted a crowd of men), but we exchanged glances during the night and well..ended up going home together. Being Turkish she also had another talent and that was belly dancing. She even had the outfit and would come to the door wearing a coat with it on underneath. I can only imagine what my neighbors thought since at the time I was living in an apartment building with a neighbor whose door was right across from mine. Luckily she was also single, but probably thought I was a man-whore so didn't say much to me besides hello. The belly dancing is a whole story in itself and will have to wait for another time, all that I can say is that you would never imaigne how many and how hard it is to pick up those little plastic, round sequins off from the floor. They ended up everywhere and seemingly underneath everything. Every once in a while I would be sitting on the couch talking to company when out of the corner of my eye, I would see one of those round discs shining from the light, hoping that my guests would not see them also. I knew that I would have a hard time explaining what they were should they see them. So now that is how I define the difference between a blow job and a suck job. A suck you will never forget. It is a true art and there are few in life who you will meet that actually know how to stroke the brush. You will run into quite a few that know how to do "paint by numbers", but if you should run into a Picasso, enjoy the experience of a master while you can. And should you have a Hoover, don't trade it in anytime soon.

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