10 Reasons Why My Exs Don't Live In Texas  

blastngoff 53M
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8/12/2006 2:41 am
10 Reasons Why My Exs Don't Live In Texas

1. I had the pleasure of actually living in Texas for almost five years, so kind of like the state; one of the main reasons why I wouldn't want any of my exs to live there

2. I think that prostitution is against the law in Texas so that definitely eliminates at least one of them from applying for citizenship. Maybe if you give it away it doesn't come under the terms of prostitution

3. A real shortage of high-quality trailer park space which would make it hard for them to conduct a mobile move and after all, we should conserve fuel - driving around in circles looking for a place to park while towing a single-wide cannot be economical as far as fuel consumption

4. I heard that they have an some kind of illegal alien problem in the state and well, they certainly don't need any more aliens so if asked (which I won't), I am suggesting Roswell, AZ since they have been looking for missing aliens for several decades. While a trailer doesn't exactly qualify as a space ship, it is metallic and silver -- easily mistaken for some sort of "landing" of a higher form of life, we'll call it the second coming

5. No sense in bringing down the statistics as far as education and highly sought after labor skills; little to none as an answer in both categories could not be a good thing and I am not sure "crack whore" or "human parasite" are valid professions recognized by the IRS

6. Would be against any municipal beautification projects that may be ongoing - no mayor or city administrator would seek further blight upon their communities. No government official would want to expose their residents to such visual abuse

7. Would be too much of a strain upon the social welfare system; no need to add a troll to the dole

8. Lack of proper medical facilities and proper amounts of antibiotics would be worrisome to one; though automobile body putty might be a temporary solution in filling in those bothersome sores which appear periodically around the genitalia, it just wouldn't be a sure cure. This would also fall within the scope of the state's desire not to encourage the importation of deadly, incurable STDs

9. Not to be completely negative since I know that they have some good qualities and could offer some positive things to the state. One could become an businesswoman as I know that if there is a demand for a restaurant whose menu offerings all revolve around Hamburger, Tuna or Chicken Helper dishes, then she is a perfect fit. I see the possibilities of a fine cuisine chain being established. I know another which could offer up some new opportunities as a public use or recreation area. My first tendancy was to limit the potentialities to porti-john or public waste dump, but that seems to be setting the goal to low. Camping is good since she did like to pitch a lot of tents, picnic area - maybe since she did have a fondness for eating, definitely playground is in there - everybody liked to play in her box, really any kind of parking lot since she did have a fondness for letting just about anyone have an open space to park in and don't worry, dumping would be allowed

10. Not to worry, I really don't think that they could find Texas on a map. I know at least one of them thinks that it is an Adriatic island off the coast of Italy. Maybe that one I should suggest a move to the state. I'm thinking a raft or innertube with a poor patch job as the craft that I'll offer up. Though it might dredge up thoughts of "Gilligan's Island" they just would not come up to par as being the Mary Ann or Ginger type. I think it would be more like "Land of the Lost" full of big, scary, prehistoric creatures.

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