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3/23/2006 2:35 am

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The weekend just gone, I went to a club with the girls.
I danced with plenty of lads, enjoyed myself while having a few drinks with my friends.
Without realising, I bought my second to last drink with the best part of my taxi money.
Then I had to walk home, as I figured the only way I was getting a lift, was by sucking a cock or too and I was too tired for that.
Anyway it wasn't far to my flat.
I wasn't expecting to walk so I didnt have a coat, my skirt was a micro and my heels were killing me.
Then it began.
I heard footsteps.
The street was long and narrow with terraced houses.
At the end of the street, I needed to turn left, cut between two houses and I would be able to see my flat from there.
My footsteps were small because of my skirt.
I tried to hurry and nearly fell.
The footsteps behind me got louder.
Scared to look round, I could tell there was another behind me.
Two sets of footsteps.
I was nearing the end of the terrace, a few more metres and I be there.
I hurried.
I got to the end of the terraces and ran across the road, they had seen me running now.
I headed for the cut between the houses.
I turned to go in and.....
There was a man in the alley.
I shit myself and froze.
He was smoking a cigarette.
He looked at me.
'Where the fuck you running to'
I said nothing.
Still frozen in panic, I hugged my arms to my body trying to cover my naked belly.
The footsteps closed in behind me and stopped.
The man in the alley stepped right into my face and grabbed me by the neck.
Then threw me in the the alley on the floor.
I grazed my knee and lost a shoe.
I scrambled for my feet.
He slapped me back down.
I was sprawling on my back now a bit dazed.
Trying desperately to move away from them and clutching at anything I could hit them with.
They strode up to me quickly and one put his foot on my neck.
Another stepped right up between my legs and the one with the cigaretre crouched down beside me.
I was scared.
He put his face in mine.
I could smell his breath.
It was foul.
It smelt of whisky and fags.
I was fucked.
My skirt had ridden up to my waist.
My legs were splayed apart.
My g-string was fucking nearly ripped.
I was helpless.
'p-p-p-p-p-p-leee-eee-ase don't'
I stammered.
He took a drag of his fag.
Then grabbed my arsecheek, squeezed it and shoved a finger up my hole.
I held my breath.
He pushed it in deeper.
I clenched.
A hand gripped my throat.
Lifted my neck and slammed my head down on the ground.
I was got dizzy pretty quick and felt weak.
I lay limply on the ground.
I could feel my pants getting ripped.
I could feel hands squeezing and groping me.
I could feel my arsehole being probed, the pressure, then the release.
Then more pressure.
Then more release, then in it goes.
All the way up.
I couldn't wriggle.
They flipped me over and opened my buttcheeks.
I could feel the cold air on my hole as they spread me.
Then a little warmth, then my hole being forced open by filthy man meat.
'You fucking bastards!'
I thought
'You bastards!'
My face was being pressed into the pavement, now and again scraping it as they fucked me.
The imprint on my face I would find later.
One of them held my head down and stuffed his filthy cock in my mouth.
I gagged and spluttered as he sprayed his cum in my face.
He wiped his cock on my cheek and in my hair.
I was being and used.
A black gutter slut being fucked on the street like a whore.
Prodded, poked and used.
By whoever fucking wanted.
By whoever these blokes were.
Someone pulled my head up and slapped my face HARD.
I couldn't breathe and my face was stinging.
'This never happened bitch'
Said one.
I tried to nod but couldn't.
'And if you start thinking of talking, remember this'
He then pressed something into my face.
I couldn't see, it was too close.
Then I saw.
It was a West Midlands Police badge.
I put my face on the floor and lay there till they were gone.

borobadlad2 46M

3/23/2006 3:09 am

Think i might just join west midlands police.

rm_utchud 32M

4/1/2006 3:57 am

I'd like to show you how it should be done! I'm ricardo and i'd love to travel all the way to birmingham to show you a real good time! Heres my email address. Mail me and hopefully we could meet up.

You have a real sexy arse baby x.

put an underscore press shift + dash button together between my first & last name before send.

rm_webster22222 43M
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4/6/2006 8:44 am

I would love to take you up the arse French way baby...!
I would love to travel down to Birmingham to spend some steamy and passionate moments with you....I am up big time for the oversized objects thing..hhhmm can't wait !

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