blackswan14 58M
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3/12/2006 12:13 pm

just got back from a w/e up at the casino with a dear friend from florida. her mission? to win a bit in the casino, eat and retire for a nite of kidney shifting. my purpose? to fulfill the dreams, and to fill the needs and the available wonder i am the pentultimate pussy crusher.....

well we both won - however i felt that she had the hot hand......

hours later, her tongue hanging, her lips swollen from all of the bump and grind - she slept gently,
however nothings better than to get that mid night bang while she is sleeping..only to wake up to another session of cum and go.....

cum to think of about it, i could have swore that she was rubbing it on her face like it was lubriderm......oh she has mad talent, but being exhausted and totally unprepared i choose to let her off easy ....for now

the crush begins

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