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2/2/2006 7:59 pm

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The Soldier

I met up with an old AdultFriendFinder pal of mine last night. Usually, once rejected (sounds harsh huh?), I avoid meeting up with the men I've ever so gracefully discredited for not fulfilling my Cupid settings. But of all the men I've turned down, he was one of the very few who took it like a real soldier. He still respected me as a lady and he never tried again. And I admire that. So I said, why not?

He took me to my favourite restaurant. We had a great conversation and dare I say... I actually enjoyed his company. We had much more in common than we thought. We practically came from the same background and was brought up with the same values. We've bumped into each other on several occasions before but this is the first time I actually get to sit down with him on an exclusive date. Conversation was fluid, air was without tension, everything went remarkably well. We talked about the first time we met. And how the second time, he thought I was someone else because I looked, erm, 'prettier' than the last time. So he says. He couldn't even muster a "hi" to me when I greeted him that time. That was hilarious.

I was one of the very first persons he met here and I guess he felt comfortable talking to me now more than anybody else. I'm flattered that he feels that way but no, it doesn't change anything between us though. I think we've both come to accept each other as we are, with no expectations. I'll still consider him one of my better friends here in AdultFriendFinder, he watches my back in the chat and really did me a great favor once. Deep down in his heart I know he wished things could've been different between us but I have my own set of principles and I stick to them. No judgements, just a whole new level of admiration for him. He took me home afterwards. I said my thanks and kissed him on both cheeks. He earned it.

blackstiletto 33F

2/7/2006 7:34 pm

[blog cummalot3] - Moral of the story... you don't really know a person until when you least expect it. I made a decision about him a long time ago and I wasn't about to change despite him being an awfully swell guy. You don't have to sleep with a person to respect him/her. Duh.

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