The woman...who does not exist  

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11/24/2005 3:41 pm

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The woman...who does not exist

She is an attractive Black woman, slender in build, in her 20s or 30s. She is friendly and affectionate - both emotionally and physically. She just wants to have a good time. She may or may not be dating other people - that's her choice, not mine. She might or might not be looking for a commitment from me, but she does expect to be treated with respect and appreciation, just as she treats me with respect and appreciates me. She is honest - she doesn't have to tell me everything and she doesn't need to know everything from me, but what we do share is honest and we are on the same page concerning what kind of relationship we have, what its commitments are (or are not), and where we are heading. And she does not feel the need to hide anything out of a fear of how I might react. When it comes to our interaction, she is open, and she allows me to be open. No topics are off limits ‒ if it is a concern to one of us, the other is willing to hear it, will listen without judging, and will help to find a resolution that truly works for both of us. She does have a sex drive and she isn’t afraid to talk about what she wants and needs. She would even like the idea of reading something like what I have written in these essays. She has a sense of fairness, tempered with kindness. She is a good woman. She has her life together. But from time to time, she just wants some friendly male company, to hold her, to enjoy her - body, mind, and spirit.

Now of course I speak facetiously to say she does not exist. Of course she does. But the question is where is she? How do I find her?

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