My Top Sexual Fantasies  

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1/1/2006 5:24 am

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My Top Sexual Fantasies

Some people define sexual fantasies as things they enjoy imagining, but would never actually do. Not me. For me - when I speak of sexual fantasies - I mean things that have captured my imagination that I want to do as soon as I find the right person to do them with. These are not necessarily things I would do with just anyone, but there must be the right mix of mutual trust and mutual attraction. And of course, while clearly these are not by any means the most important things in my life, these fantasies are something I consider to be important. And they are things I want to start achieving in 2006. The following are not my only sexual fantasies, but I would say they're my top seven list.

1. Sexy Legs Model Pose - I was at a conference banquet once and saw six very beautiful Black women standing, posing for a picture. They each extended one leg and the image was truly rapturous. The women were wearing skirts and dresses with slits and high heels in a way that really showed off their legs. Most of them were wearing strappy sandal type high heels. To me, it was the perfect image of female beauty. Then a guy (a mutual friend of theirs) jumped into the picture, sitting/lying in front of them. They responded by each taking a foot and placing it on his crotch. This blew my mind and since that time I have wanted to experience this.

2. Club Orgasm for Her - Only some women can do this (or are willing to let themselves go enough to experience it). I would like to give a woman an orgasm from dirty dancing/grinding with her on the dance floor, from the contact my penis and thighs make with her clit. This is best done in one of those small, dark, neighborhood clubs but I’m game for it wherever the woman is comfortable enough to give it a try.

3. Multiple Kisses - This is a full body kiss with a twist. In this kiss, multiple women would simultaneously kiss me from head to toe, and all parts in-between.

4. Sexy Games Night - Any of the dozens of varieties of strip games, sexual-themed truth or dare, questions games, naked twister, etc. I must be the only male present, with one or more women present.

5. Bubblebath - This can be done in a bathtub or hot tub. A woman and I would give each other a bubblebath, using an erotic smelling bath jell. We'd wash each other, scrubbing/massaging the back, the feet, and all parts in between. We would kiss each other from head to toe while drying each other off.

6. Women's Plaything - I would like to be the physical pleasure toy for a woman or group of women during an extended period of time (at least a few hours, but maybe even as long as a weekend or on a cruise). By this I mean that while sex would be off limits and everything sexual would be done in a private or otherwise reasonably discreet setting, they would be free to do anything (physically) to me (or have me do anything to them) that they desired for their physical/sexual pleasure (and even better if those things happen to involve some of the other fantasies listed here, but this is primarily about what makes the woman happy, not so much what excites me). This could also be just one woman, or as many women as felt comfortable being together with me. This is basically, "let me fulfill any fantasies you might have."

7. Cheerleader - This one’s a dream deferred from years gone by. I would like to spend an evening making out with a woman who was a cheerleader or majorette in high school or college, or is currently a cheerleader or majorette in college or for a professional sports team. I know, it’s kind of silly, but I don’t want to give up on it just yet.

rm_divalishus69 51F

4/15/2006 7:43 pm

Wow - what an interesting perspective! When one thinks of a chaste individual, one thinks of a person who is like Les Nesman from WKRP In Cincinnati, with the Sear's clip-on tie and tape on the glasses. But this is soooooo different in that you are a person who IS HIGHLY sexual, who chooses NOT to engage in sexual intercourse. To go even further, you are probably more romantic than those of us who are actively practicing heterosexuals. The physical act is something you have thought about as opposed to spawning a physiological reaction which is what some of us choose to do...

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