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1/3/2006 3:39 pm

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Hyundai Tiburon Race Car = Orgasmic Combustion better than sex or vibrator.

High Performance Vehicle + me = marriage

If I can get married to a car. Can I?

Driving fast and spinning in circles turns me on from being depress and wanting to kick ass in life.

I got lot to do still in rearranging my life, but I think what I did today and how fast I got this car too....well did the kick off in the right directions.

My buddy, fell asleep in passenger side....I tried waking him up asking if I can take it from 70 to 160mph...he wouldn't wake up! For he stay up all night to long. He has little girl that he had to do her laundry for school last night.

When he gave me the driver seat, I felt that power between my hands, the engine .... well I felt as if the car was my life. I let go of that wheel I let go of my life.

With my SUV Jimmy that I off road with, it's 4 wheel drive and no matter how I run it to the ground, it never rolls. She more in-control for the fact in who I named it after, Jackie Kennedy.

Jackie was extraordinary woman, if you read her Bio and the hell she went through with depression after Jack was assassinated. During the moral she held their son 2 year birth day party. That woman was so strong, she kept it together for thoses kids.

Maybe I need a change in life, I've been fallowing my Role model legacy in keeping her self together. Maybe I need faith in my self and live for myself.

I'm going to pop in and off from time to time, just to write in my blog. Come on - One death in my life and ONE Major Divorce of domestic Violence can bring a woman down.

In order to heal my self I need to find myself.

Dam, for all my life, I had a prince charming and then he died. First Marriage was rebound and my Last and final marriage (Maybe), was HELL!

7.5 marriage I heard :

'You need loose weight!'

'What the hell you wearing that for, you think you got tits?'

'Your cooking sucks!'

'Why are your reading that for, you can't comprehend shit that I tell you?'

'God your so STUPID!'

'You don't need to go to college, you should be lucky I married you...so you don't have to think.'

'Woman place is in the GOD DAM Kitchen!'

I can go on and on what I heard from my X's ass! No I'm not crying or angery.....

I'm just too happy that I got to Drive a Hyundai Tiburon Race Car 2003...it's my favorite color BLUE! I had blast today!

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