Taking a Break  

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12/24/2005 2:18 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Taking a Break

I'm leaving AdultFriendFinder,not for good. Someone is bugging me on here...he's not understanding...I don't get him. I like him alot, see him on here, being on line...I'm suppose to be his friend, he doesn't talk to me.

I'm going under cover for while and hang out with my gays and lesbian friends friend.

r2natural, I really want to meet you...you got 4 days to respond wiht INSTANCE MESSAGENER. If you want to meet.

For SBLOTS....you know who you are. You have my LJ journal. YOUR Grounded from me, your pissing me off. I really hate being negalected....

I can date five guys and still have time to call you or IM you, just keep in touch.

Your grounded from me until my divorce is over...

I can't tell if your just a SLUT and using women and playing with their emotion. Or I'm over reacting.

What Chaser do and forfun does, which is the same as you do....except your confine...its just as much stressfull and they ...well Chaser has what three girls on his buckel...still find time to call me and at least say hi. Forfun is the same way as well....but he needs a secure line but he calls all the time.

So does smurfdogg2 is the same.

I'm taking a breake for a while from AdultFriendFinder to see if I'm just mental or not.

Beside I think I'm hogging most of the men....I still have 76 emails to go through. It's just getting too much for I to handle.


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