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12/22/2005 3:48 pm

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I went out on a breaksfast date with Smurf, boy was I happy to see him. He's so cuddly as a cute teddy bear.

We met at the Ephrata Library and then he took me to Wanda Cafe for breakfast.

Girls if any of you reading this, this guy is so cute and cuddly. Now his profile may look a bit distasteful, the guy has no computer knowledge at all or how to run one, he's trying to teach him self.

If he can't do it on his own with my instruction, I guess I got to just go over there and teach him a thing of two.

I swear, he's a very nice guy with a hot car. I like the color blue, if you haven't notice. Plus he's bald, he wouldn't mine if you have the craving to rub his head.

You all got to at least let him take you out once, and try him out on some simple conversation. He's funny full of laughter, tell you all...I'm seeing him again. Either to fix the problem with his profile, that isn't true about him or he knows a great place to play some pool.

He live in Soap Lake not Quincy.

If you can't locate him by the browse bar, then click on my profile and he's in my friend network.

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