Slippery and Icy  

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12/21/2005 7:17 am

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Slippery and Icy

Slippery outside for all Ephrata’s residents, be careful!

This message was brought to you buy your local Ephrata resident.

I slide right through a red light, in front of a cop. No ticket render I pulled over thinking I was going to get one. This cop looks at me, smile and drove on by.

I dropped off my daughter at the sitter after hearing her bitch and complain all the way there at 6:30am. Why can’t so and so watch me… and so has an X box. When he called you last night, why didn’t you ask him, its Wednesday he should be off? I like him erase his times off. Hopefully she didn't commit it to memory.

Cause so and so, didn’t want to come over last night, he was tired and he's busy I think. My daughter really like this one guy that I’m friends with, just mommy really screw up with him. Oh well…….

For now on no one will meet my daughter, When he calls she’d all happy, it’s so and so…. She would leave her friends hanging on the other line. Plus so do I, will admit. It's not easy being friends when he doesn't come over and hang out.

Mistake number one never let you kids meet the dates.

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