Sexual Activities Questions for blacks_clovers  

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Sexual Activities Questions for blacks_clovers

Have you ever had cybersex?

I love to write erotica, it's my fetish. I'm inspiring author starving for attention and to be notice. My biggest fears are being rejected by my learning disabilities and grammatical issues. Cybering is an outlet or I enjoy watching or controling you with my words while camming with you.

What kind of night life do you enjoy?

What night life? I live in Ephrata, but if I did. It would be at the Wet Spot in Seattle watching the S/D's BDMS role playing scene.

Right now in the arms of someone, watching a movie and eating ice-cream. Giving back massages and just relaxing in your home or my house, Just laying down and falling asleep in your arms or hearing you breath deeply as I caress your tempos and rub my fingers through your hair or just massaging your scalp.

Just want to romantically please you with my touches and sweet kisses or just get lost in you eyes and laugh or smile when you do or say something funny.

It doesn't matter where, as long it’s you and me together it's an outing of enjoyment.

Tell us about losing your virginity. When? How?

First attempt with my first love or my sand box growing child hood buddy with in our commune. See my father was an Arch Druid and he followed a free spiritive religion and one of the little boys was a groupie of this religion. Any ways at the age of 16 we attempted, just it hurt way too much and he wasn’t as ready either for he was so scared or as I remember right he put on whole box of condoms to keep me from getting pregnant. That could have been why it was so painful, wasn’t so enjoyable or tempting for him as well.

One year later (17 years old), my father went on a week long cruse for he was in the navy, we went through his room to find his video collection. One video should have put me into therapy, for it was my father and this girl I had no idea who it was. I wanted to puke my guts out, but my first love watch it and watch every one of my father personal video of him.

I left the house, it was my father!!

Anyways, he met me at the graveyard not to far from where we lived; I needed to confess my sins.

He comes with a smile on and we started kissing again, he put on one condom this time and I just got dizzy and out of breath by him, it wasn’t the sixteen year-old, a year ago. So what ever he learned from father taught him shit that was unbelievable, my first time was in public on Mr. Blackmore’s grave.

How big of a role does sex play in your life?

Sex play is a major role in my life; I can do with out thou everyone needs company in their lifes and good friends to hang out with.

How much enjoyment do you get from receiving oral sex?

I enjoy giving, recieving I can't relax and it's embrassing. I had two kids and you know you get those strecth marks. I really don't like it for I just don't feel comfortable.

What are your thoughts on anal sex?

I need a partner that isn't rough and not so carried away with it. It have to be done in stages, I don't mine at all only if I can trust you fully.

Ass play and tickling is fine.

It fun if you got vibrator to play with and lube up, to numb it up.

What's the largest number of people you've shared a sexual encounter with in one session?

While in completion between girly friend of mine that we rig up. In separate rooms, we had a count, in how many times we got our man off. Plus how long they lasted through the night, plus who can scream and moan the loudest.

Man that was so fun.

Plus one time at a high school party with played spin the bottle, I kiss a girl in front of everyone.

Boy did my boyfriend throw a fit on that one.

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