Serotonin and Neurotransmitters plays a role in Sex.  

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1/9/2006 6:48 am

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Serotonin and Neurotransmitters plays a role in Sex.

It going to take a while for the next erotic story, I’ll work on it off and on.

Right now, I’m completely exhausted from the lack of sex with in my diet. Yeah , Yeah I know I can call up any guy on my network to fuck the shit out of me. I’m just not ready to spread my self around to all the good look-in men on my list. Right now I have one Sex partner, even though his job and his off-time fun that doesn’t involved me. Take up most of his time and I’m left all alone to masturbate until he’s able to spread his seeds upon me.

Exhausted of Lack = I masturbated all night and didn’t bother sleeping for I couldn’t get my self to a sexual high that can put me out in a second. With out sex I can’t relax or have a sleep-full rest.

It’s a proven fact, before vibrators were invented back in the 1920’s the males would dropped off their wives to a doctor to get them off to calm their mental ability to cope with every day life.

It’s also a proven fact the women are chemically unbalance on certain times of the month before their peak months. If they don’t stabilize the Serotonin in their neurotransmitters of their brain, the result of it is PMS, which causes eating disorders and Aggressive behavior and paranoia and sleep depravation. Your sexual behavior from lack of sex before your peak month will raise your hormones level for the chance of you getting pregnant.

That’s why is it is important to masturbate on regular bases if you can’t fine man or women handy to relieve those chemicals that are about to be unbalance. Trust me you really don’t want a raggy Ann PMS tripping bitch, so I ask all the women on this site to fuck at will or become chemically unbalance and a psycho PMS cluster fuck bitch.

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