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12/28/2005 9:25 am

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I got to do some re-writes, I've grown alot from the day I first landed in court or charge my X with assault charge.

I think I have an idea what I want in a man.

What I need is Friends right now, not fake ones. That can't be alittle more understanding or go little extra, that can't do something so simple. Simple phone call or text or just coming up to me and say hi on the street.

Yes I babble alot well, some say I don't talk at all...I'm too shy. When I'm comfortable with you, yes I babble and I'm use to you. I feel comfort with you.

I can't stand men that can't be honest and tell me what is pissing them off or talk to me in person or IMing or call me tell me that I'm pissing you off.

If I don't know...your the dumb ass that allowed me to continue. You deserve a fuck-in head-ache from me for allowing me to carry on.

Right now I'm alone, HOLIDAYS are very important and it hurts when your alone. That one special person can't see that or acknowledge your existence, treat you like you don't exist and others dates or groups or whatever are more important than one simple call or just a 'Thank you and you too.' That's 5 second of their time, not like their dropping everything for you.

If they were dropping everything for you, you would be with them, not alone on Holidays.

Those friends that did open up their arms for you or made that extra effort in proving they are friends....They're worth your time and giving them your attention.


If you don't tell them or have it out with them on how you feel. Then your not much of a friend in allowing that person to know or giving them a chance to know you and your feeling.

Some men can read your mind and some can't, some men have common sence and some men need to have a swift kick in the ass. That goes for women as well....

I have four friends I can count on...I want more incase one of them can't cut it for general reasons.

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