My daughter's friend and a update.  

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1/16/2006 1:23 pm

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My daughter's friend and a update.

My daughter friend,

She was put in the hospital last night. She was in a waken comma with a blood sugar of 670.

What I did with Eck Yack syrup was smart thing to do. But the doctor called me and don’t know why he just called me, only that I was home and I’m the one that is more of the a responsible roll in her life. Plus gave him the list of foods she ate at my house and list of Cabs as well. He, her father never keeps a journal on it.

Plus they couldn’t get a hold of him, and they didn’t try the Lodge either.

My guy friend is in his 50’s and a Vietnam vet and raise 4 kids already and my daughter’s friend was purely an accident and her mother was heavily into drugs and admitted it in court that she wasn’t ready or fit to be a mother. She has a son but he is currently living my male friend’s sister.

I’m more like a mother she needs right now. In fact she calls me mom and after a telely conversation, she ends it with ‘I LOVE YOU MOM.’

She talks to me on things I wouldn’t talk to my daughter on….like sex with boys. My daughter is only 9 going on 10 and she is 13 years old. She very adequate with her self and wants to dress sexy or a hippy sexy ness way. In-fact when she’s over I have to hide a lot of my women-ness items or she and my daughter will be pulling it out of my drawers and wearing them. ESPECIALLY my barets and my chokers.

My shampoos for my hair….I have all different kinds and she is in heaven with my bath items. My oils and pretty little soaps and lotions that I by for my self and my daughter. Which between her and my daughter...I'm out of my lotions and oils.

I don’t mind playing dress up or allowing the girls to, just using 4 kind of conditioner isn’t going to make her hair softer or grow longer. She thinks she has to take a bath in one scent and then another one in the after noon with another scent and at night in a masque and my salts. We had to put a stop to it! I need them more!

My daughter friend is going to stay for awhile in the hospital for it’s not what I’m feeding her that was ruled out. It’s not how much she injecting her self.

Factors are, Maturity and her body is rejecting the insulin…..her body is changing. They got some more tests to do and since this is her fourth visit during her menstrual cycle. Her father is being order to have me on a permanent Emergency List for his daughter’s sakes.

Tell you the truth that scares me, for now there’s a lot responsibility in caring for that child and what if I fuck up? I’m not her mom and I’m scared…..

Her dad is truthfully is throwing a fit over it….EGO with in. It’s nothing against me he said, it’s just the principle of his parental rights….

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