My Movie night....I did cry.  

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12/20/2005 9:39 am

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My Movie night....I did cry.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

It was romantic, Action Pack, Funny, Sad.

The space, distance during the marriage before they found out they were living double lives can destroy a marriage and piss off any women, when she finds out.

Jane Smith, even thou she was playing a wife, she was trying her best to keep the marriage alive or make him happy, At least putting forth and effort to keep a connection going between them.

I actually don’t think, it’s was all the lies or living a double life within the marriage that was beginning to tearing the marriage apart. I really think it was the walls of communication and lack of emotional support. Most importantly they didn’t have a sex life and their was no passion in their lives.

Common senesce of it this show, when a woman doesn’t get a daily supply of sex or haven’t had sex in months or weeks (That’s me) become distraught and emotionally out of it. Because of hormone levels…..more you have sex with a woman you keep her hormone level in check.

To continue on to the story ‒

Once each other found out about each others double lives, She was piss off because she can handle her job and be compassionate towards him. Even thou she kept saying she wasn’t in love with him. She was for she threw her job away to be together.

He was so in-love with her, keep fighting for her….she kept trying to kill him (giggle). At the end of the house fight scene when they went hand to hand contact. Letting go all that hostility between each other, finding out they’re both more of a match for each other, than they thought.

All they needed was to just let go all the anger, close the space between them. To work as a Team at the end.

Then at the end you see the emotion between them change.

During the marriage she was more loving and compassionate and patient. He was more withdrawn and non-communicative. Then in the movie, when they were the true selves, he was more compassionate and patient and loving, she was more withdrawn and non-communicative.

When they work as a team, in the beginning it was awkward for she was use to being quick, conserver and tactful. He was loud and clumsiest in his killings. As they learn each other style, they learn to adapt or counter each other.
I think with all relationship, you have to work at it….when one pulls away. You need to pull the one back in. Sometime it just doesn’t work and you just have to kill each other for closer. With all relationship you have to have closer to move on….

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