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12/18/2005 6:07 pm

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Mind on Sexual -

Sexual Accessories althought, it wouldn't allow me to put my full thoughts down.

So here it come -

Dominatrix Porn, Medieval story line, Amazon Women….Taming of Shrew, there’s suppose to be a sequel, I haven’t found it yet. I watch those when I’m piss off at men.

Lonely I watch romantic porn or porn that shows a man making fool over a woman of his heart desires.

When a man breaks my heart ‒ Lesbian, for at that time and moment the male population score a lost for their idiocy or abusive animalistic bull-shit nature that their mothers should have let them play with Barbie Dolls and bought them a broom and a dust pan set to follow mommy around the kitchen to teach them how to please a women’s heart. Should have invested in romantic novels or at least a poetry books to woo a woman and cause their hearts to melt.

Plus at least take them to a Renaissance Fair where men are Knights and chivalry is in the air. Ladies are devious, but appreciated and respected.

Gods for bid allow them to watch Daniel Boom or Davie Crocket, now those are some real historian men, or OO7 James Bond….giggle.

So I don’t have type, it’s depends on my emotion and moods, or what happen that day or night.

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