I feel much better....  

blacks_clovers 42F
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12/26/2005 12:06 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I feel much better....

My idea of a nap --- Sling Shot - Off Roading - Playing on this road.... well close to it.

Not saying where - it's my roller coaster....

I did pull over and just kick back and relax - every time a crow came by...BAM!

Now I feel like smiling, dam I wish my daddy would have given me more than 25.oo's gift gas cards...I need to off road bad.

Only I can drive that road, why - I don't trust anyone else with my life on that road. It's my test of faith, mental and eye coordination...

For some odd reason, when I off road, my speed odometer works. When I drive on the city or hwy only my tact-odometer works.

I'm over my anger issue on the county guy... if he can't at least Text Merry Christmas - when he had all day.

Well life goes on, he nothing but sorry ass chicken shit anal fuck wand.

Oh well I can certainly pick - em.

I got laundry to do...I'm not tired anymore. I had way too much fun off roading and shooting crows.

You all have a nice day and night.

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