I Guees what my Daddy is saying....  

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12/25/2005 10:55 am

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I Guees what my Daddy is saying....

Merry Christmas to all and all naughty little boy and girl.

When I was little girl of 7, I always played by myself. I had my own imagination and my imaginary friends.

One day my daddy said, 'Sapphire' nick name, 'you need to go outside and play and meet friends. You can't stay in the house all your life, your go nutty.'

I was shy, I started crying and kicking my dad. So he held my hand took me over to meet the rest of the kids in the commune.

Now, giggle.....I told my daddy what happen and how I had to use the pepper spray.

My Christmas Present with card -

Dear Sap,

Sometimes in your life you have no choice to play by your self. Batteries are included !

I got a Plastic Blue Vibrator from my daddy....giggle.

So I call my daddy "Merry Christmas daddy! UM next time....I like silver and metal objects dad. Plastic isn't girls best friend for the vibration sucks. Metal gives out a greater punch."

cough cough .... gasp gasp.....from my daddy.

Remember daddy you said, that If I stay home all my life and don't meet people, I'll go crazy.

So, I have friends with benefits.
One sex partner
One Slave
One Body Guard
Two conversationalist

So far.

I'm very well protected, Ones from the county, ones from the State, One work for the city.

One conversationalist is in to Blowing Bubbles in to glass, The other one is Computer Tech.

One of these guys dad probably will allow me to bring out my masculine side for he's bi.

So I really need, if you still want to buy me something for my birthday, I need a Strap On, leather and medieval."

'Grunt grunt cough....Oh shit!'

MY dad said, ' I was wondering who had my naughty side. Your my daughter, your sister is your mother's, always asking for money. Your sister scream in my ear for she open it in front of her kids and in-laws.'

"Daddy, Sam never ever reads the card, she just opens the present and ruin the wrapping paper. She doesn't take her time. Or appreciate what people took time to write her...you know that."

'Yeah, I know....giggle giggle. She piss me off last month, my way of getting aback at her. Merry Christmas Sapphire.' Evil laugh roars from my daddy.

My daddy is Evil/But Naughty/Very giving if you ask for it.

I love my daddy!

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