I'm out-da-here  

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12/21/2005 5:01 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I'm out-da-here

I'm going to watch a movie with a dearly sweet friend that I met off of here.

See - (BeeP) and you know who you are. That little e-mail you sent me that was SO RUDE! If you gave me a month of chatting with you or if you had some how caught my attention with flattery and chivalry.

I'll be watching a movie with you! NO, you want to be a puzts! Throw a dam fit, just because I didn't answer your dam e-mail as quick as you want me to.

Sheesh, don’t act out like your dick size, act your age. Crying out loud your 41 one years old dam-it, didn't your mother teach you anything about how to be proper towards a woman?

It's not all about scoring; it's about how your getting one's attention at the right time. If I was a triplet, dam…I’ll get to you all faster….

Learn it fast, you’re being left alone in the sack. You think your the best catch on this site, so far you haven't prove it to me yet...like some men that have been writing erotic lines or intellectual food for thought.

Those guys that write me something will get my attention and get to meet me faster, than demanding me to call them or e-mail them.

In fact tomorrow I’m meeting someone new off of here tomorrow.

Quit being a Puzts and take a number. I like playing pool and darts, not in a bar. So um, you all needs to find a pool hall.

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