I'm feeling better  

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12/30/2005 12:06 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I'm feeling better

I masturbated all night long, just thinking about this one guy.

He had such a sexy voice on the phone last night. I was in so much pain but he was worth it, to just dream about.

My Christmas present came out handy in my swollen hands from the stress I'm under from my day to day life.

Just laying back and dreaming how he has touch me in the past and how we can just talk in low and dreamy tone, that cause me to be in a relaxing state.

He's a type of guy that if you argue with him or he start jumping all over you. He tells you the truth what is bugging him upon my feelings and what is pissing me off with him.

I like it that we can just look pass it, some times I just need closer that everything is OK with each other.

Although he doesn't belong to me nor I belong to him. Sometime I wish I was more than just a friend, with out ownership papers.

Well I masturbated all night long I just kept squirting over and over with him in my visions.

I don't know if cumming is consider water weight, since I'm on Hydrochlorothiazide 25 mgs, that was given to me for a massive water gain from a high sodium count and potassium count but I was told it was cause by sitting on my ass moping on my divorce and crying about it. Not Exercising like I'm suppose to.

Any ways, I can grab my ass now, and pinch it and play with it. I shake it and make it look like jello, I can find my ankles, It doesn't feel like pins in my feet.

My fingers aren't that puffy any longer....

No I'm not going to date yet until after the next weekend maybe...not this weekend, next weekend. Sometime after the sixth. I should be some what back to normal, not the good year blimp.

Right now all I'm going to do this weekend is clean house. I've been in so much pain that I couldn't move at all sometime, I have no food in the house. The kids ate everything for I could rebuild my stock , for It was hard too stand on my own two feet sometimes.

Yeah I could of ask someone...when I did, they all had plans or something to do. Some of you live too far away.

Devious thought to ask my doctor on my fallow-up visit , " I eat healthy and I'm know I'm under alot of stress. Do you think the reason I had all this water weight for I haven't had regluar dose of sex, I didn't cum the last time I had sex for it was too quick and we just got it on for lack of sex I haven't had....I was fuck-in horny as hell. I couldn't really relax until afterwards, but I had to go home instead of spend the night and full filled my sexual desires.

Could one night of constant masturbation help relieve some of it. I was just wondering....

This one Doctor he's so cute and giggles alots. Plus I got him in to telling dirty jokes and he so easy to talk sex too...in a professional manner thou.

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