Erotica Espic Fanstasy or Did it really happen?  

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Erotica Espic Fanstasy or Did it really happen?

That night was Different between him and I.

I've always wanted to have anal sex, but the males that I have encounter, was never into it. Well Except my First love. He was so adventurous in many ways.

I was so scared of getting pregnant and the back door was the safest bet, when we are so broke and condoms weren’t in our budget for it was a luxury and you knew it wasn’t needed at all, when you had other option for enjoyment.

It’s been a long time since I had anal sex except that one day with this one guy. It was a major surprise and I didn’t or never dawn on me to read him thoroughly. Until recently after that one day……..

Before that one day, I never had a large cock pumping my ass before, even thou he proclaim his dick isn’t that big. Too me it was huge for the ones before was below average. I wasn’t lying when I said it was huge for to me it was. My vibrator isn’t that big compare towards his cock. So it’s easy to work it and play with my own ass but since my ass partner has a huge cock, I’m going to have to invest in something bigger, so I won’t scream out like I did.

It’s funny It felt good afterwards feeling my ass throbbing, during the time he was pumping my ass was frightening for I never done it before in a long time. I don’t remember how I first started or when I started to enjoyed it with Josh my first love. I just felt helpless during that night, not knowing what I’m supposed to do or how to participate as well so I can please him. He’s a different guy compare to all the others in my life. I was so shock that night, and everything he does makes me want him more in every sexual way. Half of me feels as if, I didn’t full fill his pleasure for how frighten I was, when I’m with him I’m his pleasure slave to pamper him in the most gratifying way.

That night was off beat and much unexpected and shamefully as I admitted that I didn’t know what to do or how to respond. I screamed in my mind when the night was over for I felt ashamed for not knowing how to respond to him or be what I am to him, what I’m distant to be as my calling to him as his pleasure slave.

He is muscular and strong; his body is so breath taking. I can just full fill my own appetite in just smelling him all over, something that wears or wash his cloths in. Could it be his pheromones that caused me to be all over him, like a bitch in heat. To have a major addiction to want to pleasure him to the fullest non-stop? His aroma just bring this sex crazy demon out me and sometimes he have no choice but to wrestle me to the ground and tame my ass with his quick reflexes to adapt and over come any situation I jump at him on a sexual level.

That one night I haven’t seen him in long time for his work takes up his week and scheduling other girls that his have enslaved as well to be his pleasure bitches. So I spent countless hours at night all alone just masturbating and thinking of him as he wish for me to do so until he called me up to have me as his main course of the night.

That one night he called me and told me what to wear that he hasn’t seen me in for a long time, my metal button up denim tight dress that shows my every curve of my body and sometimes the outline of my big pink nipples, that he repeatedly tells me how he loves them so. That's why he told me to wear my sheer pink bra and my thin matching panties and nothing more but my pink heels. No jewelry, oh no jewelry his claws, when he becomes so aggressive and animalistic on a sexual high, they don’t stay one very well. When I’m with him, they seem to get lost in his house if you dare to wear any. You won’t remember to grabbed them on the way out.

He makes your forget who you are, your problems and your church girl morals. You leave his house feeling every throbbing sensation from every nerve ending that’s been activated and heighten, with some pleasurable soreness that you just forget your personal items and once in while depending on his appetite for that night you don’t leave all.

I walked in through his door, it was candle lit in one place of his house. You can’t really see him or where he’s position at. I can smell him and that second as I felt like his prey, sometimes he becomes the hunted and his house becomes the pleasure room for our sexual toying of our sexual desires. I can hear him as well moving as the wooden flooring cracks beneath him. Sometime I can’t hear him and he sneaks up like that night. His right arm around my waist as his other hand pulls my hair way from my neck and sinking his teeth in to my neck, leaving a light beginning pleasure mark to reassure that no other will tamper with his chosen ones that he sees nights after nights. He’s doesn’t like tainted and used women or to receive sloppy seconds from some other males on my network that I see on a regular bases as just friends.

I become weaken but yet so arouse by his teeth touching my neck, which I want to break loose and test him like all obedient dames, to see how well their masters can keep them under their sexual playful control. As he let go of my neck and grabbed my neck collar of my denim dress to rip it off so easily, but I was in that aggressive mood of wanting to be disobedient, and I grabbed his right arm as he grabbed my neck collar and I duck and turn around to slam him against his front room beige wall. But as usual he adapted and I found myself on his wall as he look at me and said, ‘Do I need to take you into my room?’ I just look at him and just smile, just to make him wonder what’s on my mind. Usually he knows that I’m not going to behave and make him work for me to pleasure him to the fullest.

As I said before that night was extremely off beat and shocking in what he had planned for that night. How shock I was that he like to anally penetrated. No I wasn’t anally penetrated as a disciplinary method. No, just he hadn’t done it for while with anyone and it was something he was craving to do.

I was standing in front of his mirrors that were connected to his dresser facing his bed, as he was standing behind me kissing me along my neck. Once in while I would watch him kissing me and as he bites my neck, at times it really turns me on and causes me to be so wet, warm for him and so ready for him to easily fuck me the way he wanted it that night.

That night was different as his arm wrapped around my waist as I felt his fingers pry open my denim metal snap dress and quickly rip it off of me. As I felt one of his hand push me against his dresser and my eyes widen for he never push, it wasn't a hard push it was light. It was different than the way he usually approached me. I really could see within my eyes and as I looked in the mirror, his eyes was dark and deepen with his other personality.

The aggressor was coming out. I was so turn on and what surprise me that he never did as well. He pulled out his silk scarves that he had tied behind his dresser to hold me steadily and no way for me to test his authority for the rest of the night. My heart was beating rapidly but yet was so turn on by his ability to make each night a little different than the gentle caresses and his passionate way that he love to tickle and play with me…..

What made that night so different, usually once he start, he held on to me so tight and start instantly. This night it was so different, he let go of me and left. I look to where he was going and trying to watch him through the mirrors but I couldn’t and he’s a kind of guy that doesn’t like too question or being question upon his way of doing things. You shouldn’t for he would never hurt me or anyone and our relationship of being friends is build on trust.

I felt his bed being push against my legs, ‘lift your legs up and get on the bed,’ he said. He jumps on his bed to approach me, he started kissing my ass and giving me horrid bites along my buttocks up along my back to my neck. As he reach around to grab my breast, I try not to close my eyes and just watch in the mirrors but sometimes the sensation is just too much for me to watch everything he does to me. Especially when he pounds it in my hot and ever so wet shaved pussy, then I’m so force to look at my self for that brief moment as he fucked me so fast and hard and then as I was about to sink in to a pleasurable lustful emotion, his two fingers was in my ass. Once again my eyes were open in amazement and but I was so breathless. He came to my ear as he whispers while double penetrating my back side. ‘I want so bad to fuck you in your ass, do you want that?’ he said so deep and soft. I couldn’t say no but I was scared, for I haven’t been fucked in the ass with someone so huge in my opinion.

As he stuck it in, he went very slow and tears came running down my cheek for it hurts like I was giving birth to another child. I was screaming out loud to him, that his dick is just too big and I can’t take it. He didn’t stop but lower himself to my neck and bit it harder than his usual bites and pinch my nipple hard and then switch it around. I didn’t feel it as much but it just paralyzes me. I couldn’t move; I was confused in what my precipitation was. I felt it going in and out slowly and felt him moving it in circles and it felt awkward and I was getting use to it until he came. It just felt as if his dick swell up more and the throbbing, I started to panic with in.

As he pulled out, I started to shake and getting the chills, like my body temperature when up and when he pulled out and it insanely dropped. Half of me wanted more but I was just too exhausted to ask. Plus I was feeling undecided if I did or not, my ass was throbbing as hard as if I cumming massively with in. I couldn’t tell if I did or not for that feeling was so awkward.

We laid down together it was the old soft gentle lover that always spoiled me, the aggressor went away. But I was feeling a little out of it, with the weirdest feeling inside and I couldn't figure it out. If I like this feeling or not, so we said our good-byes and I didn’t even try to spend the night. I just wanted out there to think on this feeling. Then it happens as I was driving down his hill. I had no choice to pull over, my legs were shaking and my nipples were harden and all the air and juices all came out and it felt like little bubbles going between my pussy lips, I couldn’t help it and started pinching my nipples and grabbing my self right in plain sight. Then I realize right then and there, God he needs to fuck me in the ass again!

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