Erotic Post from Romantic Man (LTD2part one)  

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12/20/2005 9:17 pm

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Erotic Post from Romantic Man (LTD2part one)

I love to hear and feel a woman experiencing true pleasure at the end of my tongue. I have a fantasy about french kissing a woman while my hands begin to massage her arms, mid section and thighs. Slowly I make my way gently kissing her neck and nibbling at her ear lobes. Moving slowly down to her breasts where I begin to gently lick around her bossum and ultimately begin to suckle her nipples all the while massaging her with my hands along her thighs, around her sweet bottom and up to her breasts through her mid section. I would continue to do this until she cannot take it anymore, her pussy wet and aching, she grabs my head and pushes me down her stomach. I still gently lick and kiss my way, all the way down to her steamy, lovely, wonderful pussy. I gently begin to lick and sometimes suckle her clit as she becomes even more aroused and her hips begin to move to her own orgasmic rhythm. My tongue moving gently up and down between her legs and she is in a blissful trance, a meditation that will eventually allow her to cum to an explosion of her orgasm. I hope you like my fantasy, let me know. I am always looking for feedback and maybe even someone who can help me make this fantasy a reality. bye now

Wow, I really enjoy one for you.

As your fantasy came true, one evening, I have to say I'm not a type of girl that's just lay there with out some interaction ....

As I came to full orgasmic screaming, you just lost your senses for I was moaning and purring and you felt so overwhelm and enjoying the fact you made me woo…as you slowly moved above me very slowly, I brung up my left leg and tumble you over with out one once of you countering my move.

As my bed is set up and waiting for this right time and moment to cuff you ass to my bed, and spread you legs apart as you sat there watching me deep throat a popsicle and sitting in wonder, do you deserve my lips wrapped around your long sword.

I asked you and looking at you directly 'have you been a bad boy?’

I’m waiting for answer in my mail box….don’t leave me hanging now.

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