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12/30/2005 4:28 pm

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Balance is who I am

To this one guy and who ever wants to know:

I like having friends, I like having fun to who I feel is worthy of it. I’m picky and you have to have certain persona to cause me to be relaxed around you and have me wanting you.

If I have to date you more than once to figure out you’re a great guy, well so be it. If your the type can’t be willingly to wait or deal with it, all you want is sex and sex, not friendship or see you next week or tomorrow. Then don’t apply or email me. I’m not into one night stands or being your hole in the mattress for you to get off on.

Fun = Sexual encounter that is balance by two people that are enjoying each other to the fullest. That they will have a desire to see each other again for more. Some will call it friendship with benefits, but to me the benefit is a little over rated and it says security to me. Security as in Money honey or an obligation to serve one another….that just my opinion.

Others may have their own opinion on what ‘Friends with Benefit’ Means to them. That their opinions....

I’m looking for long term friendship with sex or with out. Right now NO SEX until all of these issues isn’t affecting me or my moods. I can’t enjoy sex with anyone unless I know them real well…..if I’m not balance or happy. Fun is out of the question…unless I know you.

Please drill this in your eye socket or make a comment in your Hot List to be reminded.

 If my health issues are in the way, I have no balance in my life.
 If one of my friends (guys that I’m close too) is mad at me or I am at him, there’s no balance in my life.
 If my divorce is bugging me, there is no balance in my life.
 If my kids are stressing me out, I have no balance in my life.
 If can’t keep up with my house chores cause of my health issues, I have not balance in my life.

I have to have balance in my life to have fun……Not that I’m not ready to have fun on my own. Shit, I have met three guys off here; just they have perfect timing and the way they came across to me. I’m sorry if you have to wait for my issues to resolve themselves before I dated you.

I opt for a date sometime after the 6th of January and if you can’t pencil that in, well tough shit! Don’t get mad at me just because you want a date now!

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