Bathroom Blog - my first shit fantasy  

blackhole_son_77 39M
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3/16/2006 11:21 am
Bathroom Blog - my first shit fantasy

Who would have guessed that watching another dude have a bowel movement up close and personal could be such a gratifying experience? It was last Sunday morning, and I met a guy online who was really into shitting for other guys. Now I love the thought of being watched or filmed while doing that, and this idea really intrigued me. We met at a mutual spot near some public bathrooms that we both were aware of. (There was no one around due to it being Sunday morning) and we found a large stall. "Charles" allowed me to take his pants off revealing to my wondeful surprise a large 7 inch uncut cock just swollen, pulsing and dripping honey from the end! He sat down on the pot and I could see down between his legs that his anal sphincter was straining and bulging outward...Charles needed to unload his rectum badly! I gently massaged his anus while taking his engorged cock into my mouth. I could hear him moaning and straining lightly as he began to push a thick and ripe terd from his asshole as I continued to lick his shaft, balls and thighs. As I watched him continue to push and his asshole continued to expand, the odor of gases hit me and I immediately felt my cock ripen to full hardness. Watching him shit so close to me caused the lust in me to swell, and I could feel my boundaries were beginning to bend.
Suddenly, without warning, Charles delivered another suprise, though unintentionally. See, when I shit, the urge to piss naturally follows suit. My mouth was fully engulfed around his cock, hitting the back of my throat, when my mouth suddenly filled with a warmness I didn't expect. Thinking Charles let his sperm loose in my mouth, I backed off and realized my mouth was full of his warm golden piss! I gagged only briefly, and he immediately apologized. My urges were so strong I didn't care, and I gently massaged his dick with my hands, trying to decide if the taste was for me. I had never had a guy piss in my mouth before, and didn't expect this. But, it was far better than I thought, and his urine was strong tasting. He didn't piss anymore, but his belly, pubic hair, cock and inner thighs were glistening from his brief piss geiser, and I immediately went back to work "rinsing" his beautiful cock with my saliva and sucking it clean. I was so horny, I could have licked every golden drop and secretly I wished he would have pissed again.
By now he was done shitting and he arose from the porcelain throne so we could both gaze at the brown creation. Taking some toilet paper, I gently cleaned my subject, removing as much left over excrement from his anal and cheeks as a dry piece of two-ply could. We switched positions and I sat on the pot, but though I had no urge to relieve myself, my now exposed cock was swollen and dripping precum everywhere. Charles bowed before me and sucked me like a champ, while sticking a finger in my always eager anus. He finally stood before me and allowed me suck his still hard cock, 7 plus inches smacking me in the face (I loved it!) while I reached around and fingered his stretched asshole. It was soft, and slightly swollen. I couldn't take delay any longer...I asked Charles to turn around and bend over for me and spread his cheeks. As he did so, I stared at the fresh anus with my eyes and gently plunged my tounge into his freshly relieved sphincter. The slight, bitter taste of excrement still was present on his ass, and though it was my first "taste" of another's waste, the softness of his ass enticed me to push my tongue deeper into his ass. It tasted wonderful and I explored his asshole with passion, while using my finger in his ass as a mini-dick.
Enough, I needed cock in my ass in the worst way! I bent over the toilet for him and spread my cheeks saying how much I needed his cock. He moaned upon seeing my tight, lonely hole and immediately grabbed a condom. I longed for bareback, but I respected his desire for protection and gently wet my ass with toilet water for lube. Soon, I was spread eagle and I could feel his thick 7 inch appendage pushing to make an entrace. We went slow as to not hurt me, but my ass was a pefect fit and a nice stretch. He began to fuck my ass for about 15 minutes, and I moaned like a whore. It felt rectum felt so stimulated and full. He sped up and I knew he was about to cum. Before I could handle the situation he exploded into his condom his warm sperm juice. A part of me longed for it to be shot deep into my ass, and also my mouth, but I realized perhaps another time. If he wasn't so sensitive after an orgasm, I would have gladly cleaned his dick with my mouth (I love the taste of cum) but perhaps another time.
The only drawback is that he was spent and didn't give me the chance to fuck him so I could cum as well, but all in all it was an experience I'll never forget. I'm now more open to golden showers and watching someone shit up close is one of the most intimate things I've done. I can't wait to do it again.

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