bjsaregreatCO 35M
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5/22/2006 11:44 pm

Day three of four..... nine emails, no hook ups yet. I think a good number of them are bots, I wonder if there are real girls here at all. Anywho, about the title, I have been horny as hell latley. I jacked off four times yesterday. My Girl recently moved so I guess that could be it, no more sex when ever I want it.

About my title.... Well a BJ is the best gift a guy can get. Girls if your partner isnt performing in bed give him a mind blowing blow job. I guarentee he will try his hardest using all the tricks he has the next time you have sex. And if he doesnt then tell him "fuck me good and ill suck you off again sometime" If he still isnt any good then he just doesnt know how..... come find me and send him to a class lol

also im gonna moon you now, look at my profile

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