Laid by a friend from AFF  

bjsaregreatCO 35M
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6/4/2006 12:29 am
Laid by a friend from AFF

Well conformation that AdultFriendFinder works and well. I met a very nice lady off of here two days ago.

We met, and had some drinks at her house. watched some tv and started a movie. We actually drank a bit much (a whole bottle of vodka between us) which was way too much. But it didnt stop us from having fun for about four or five hours.

It was great, lots of sex, all three holes. and then we got up around lunch time for breakfast (no sleep). Village Inn, good food after sex. After breakfast we went back to her place and slept (finally! man we were tired and a bit hungover)Then we woke up, had some more fun, and watched some more tv.

She was sore, and so was I so I left that night slept late today and am still a bit sore but its a good sore.

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