#4 -- An email...  

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7/23/2005 8:58 am

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#4 -- An email...

I received this in an email.... It sounds good to me...


While I was driving to NC from Washington, DC last week, I couldn't stop thinking about a fantasy with you....

Your long soft hair blowing in the wind as we enjoyed the cool air and beatiful scenery of the back roads, and the feel of your fingernails brushing through my hair and massaging my scalp made my heart beat faster. Being on the country roads, it was somewhat necessary to keep my hands on the wheel, but not so vital that I couldn't reach over and stroke your leg.

The music was playing loudly to overcome the air pouring in through the windows, but I heard a distinct moan from you as I slowly stroked your thigh and massaged your knee.

I wanted to rub higher on your leg, but I also loved the anticipation that was building. Of course, your tender moans of relaxation were making it all the more difficult for me to control my hands. And soon, it became difficult even to control the car!

We've both had a great holiday in the nation's capital (though short because we both have to work) and are feeling really good about our time together. We've talked about sexual fantasies (and even lived out a couple during the weekend - remember the time on the Mall in front of the Washington Monument and the other couple that walked up on us?!) We both love sex in and on cars, but frankly, I'm playing it cool because I feel like we both could have OD'd on sex over the weekend. Plus, it's getting dark and we need to get home to be ready for work on Monday.

Nonetheless, the gentle and mutual rubbing continues as we drink in the atmosphere, and I'm all the more thrilled when you lean over to me and ask me to pull over. I think to myself, "I'd rather pull out," but refrain from saying it. Instead, I just nod my head in disagreement, and reach around your neck and pull you down into my lap.

You resist, but only slightly and more in the spirit of fun than of genuine not wanting this, which becomes obvious when your hands head straight for my crotch. I do slow down a bit, but am quickly aroused by the feel of your head and hands so close to my cock.

You begin rubbing my dick through my pants, and the hardness is apparent. Those soft moans you were letting out earlier grow more profound, especially as I now have a better angle to massage your head and back.

While you work my zipper down, I massage your lower back and reach further towards that beautiful ass of yours. I squeeze my hand inside your skirt and find that you are wearing no panties. (You naughty girl!). God I am hard now.

It's not easy to get my dick out of my pants because it's already swollen and elongated, but with a bit of maneuvering it springs free right in front of your face. You do what you do so well, taking it into your wet mouth and juicing it up really wet and sloppy. You know I love that, and from what I can tell, you do too.

I am rubbing your buttocks, and a slight arch of your back gives me more intimate access to your points of entry. I withdraw my hand and suck on my fingers, lubing them up to play around with your pussy and asshole. Both of them are so tight, and even getting a finger in can be difficult, but with the saliva from my mouth and the juices of your excitement, entry is not too difficult at this time.

Slowly you continue teasing my cock, massaging my balls and humming as your tongue works its magic on the head and shaft of my member. I love the way you rub it around your cheeks and blow on it at the times that you don't have it deep inside your mouth.

Slipping a finger into your pussy, I pull it back to my mouth to taste your heaven, and God is it good. I moan audibly, more from the joy of your wetness than from the feeling of your mouth, though both are intensely ecstatic.

I push my hand into your skirt again, finding your distended vaginal lips ready to accept me in any way. I fondle them on the outside, giving good attention to your clit which is swollen and showing how horny you are.

I know you are enjoying it from the way your hips begin to gyrate, pushing my finger deeper inside you. All the while you are working miracles on my dick, and there is a sizable wet spot on my lap from the saliva and precum that has come from below. Nonetheless, it is YOUR pleasure I'm after, and I continue fondling and prodding your pussy, aching to bring you to the height of orgasm. While you suck hard on me, I feel your body begin to shake ever so slightly, yet I know enough about your ways to recognize this as the sign of your eminent orgasm. Pulling my finger out, I begin stroking my wet fingers around your anus, searching for that angle that allows me in and drives you crazy.

Your moans have become very loud at this point, and I know that you are extremely close to orgasm, especially at that moment that I get my finger into your ass. You clinch me as if in a seizure, never releasing my cock, and clinch your lips hard on my manhood. Oh yes it is amazing. As your body is racked with orgasm, your tight lip-grip on my tool is too much, and I explode with you. My cum floods into your waiting mouth, at which point we both resume more normal breathing. But we have worked up a sweat.

Though feeling content, I can't resist once I get started, and I feel that a couple of fingers in your lower regions isn't exactly the full force fuck that you wanted. At this point I pull the car over on the side of the road. Without concern for appearance or observers (and perhaps hoping someone WILL observe) I get out of the car and walk around to the passenger door where I pull you out onto the road's shoulder. Taking the picnic blanket from the backseat and spreading it on the hood, I grab you and push you onto the hood of the car. Removing your sexy shirt, I take in more joy at the feel of your breasts which until now have received no attention. Still, I am excited to find two very erect nipples calling out to me, and I begin sucking and massaging your perfect tits.

With my cock still hanging from my pants, it's not too difficult to rub it against your vagina - especially since you have no panties on. While working on your tits, I rub my somewhat softened prick against your hot lower lips, bringing it again to attention.

Stepping a bit higher up, I can now push the head of it into you, and the slippery feel of its entry brings us both closer to a second racking orgasm. The beauty of it is, however, that with my recent ejaculation, I am now even more in control of an orgasm than usual, and I can really pound into you without any sense of coming any time soon.

And so I do. And so you love it. The jackhammering goes on, and we are both thrilled by the occasional car that passes - and all the more so when they honk at us. What if our fantasy of another hot couple joining in were to come true right now? Couldn't any of these cars contain a horny couple like ourselves that are ready for some hot and public action?

The heat from the hood simmering through the blanket creates a coccoon like feel in the cool night air, and I pull out from you and turn you around for a better position. As you bend over the hood of the car, I rub my dick on your firm buttocks, teasing the opening of your pussy and ass alternatively.


And that's where it ends... I may write an ending...

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