#2 -- In the dark...  

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7/22/2005 7:55 pm

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#2 -- In the dark...

Last night, Jason played "Meet the Parents." My ma & pa made the three hour trek up here to meet him... after a tasty meal, we headed to the bar, with my 17 year old brother as the DD.

After some vodka sours, a shot of Grey Goose, and a kamikaze, I was feeling rather free-spirited. Ma & Pa went home, and Jason and I went back to my place, a little closet of a dorm room. I went to the bathroom to wash the makeup off my face, and I came back to find the futon mattress, pillows, and blanket on the floor, and him undressing getting ready for bed. I quickly disrobed, shut off the lights, and crawled under the big blanket with him... he held my cool body close to his warm one (I swear, he's always warm!) and we cuddled.

Sex aside, I could stand to do nothing with him but cuddle and make out. He knows how to kiss just the right spots on my neck, collarbone, how to nibble my ear to make me moan... Anyway... due to my inebriated state, I was wanting a little fun. Unfortunately, Mother Nature is a bitch, and decided that I shouldn't... and Jason is totally cool about such things, so he knew that it couldn't go all the way, so to speak.

Anyway... I started kissing him, and with a smile that I couldn't see in the dark, but could hear in his voice, he asked me if I needed a little kissing... I replied, "maybe a little..." in my best slurred innocent voice... LOL. And he started. First, small pecks to the lips, tongues poking, then his tongue moved outside my mouth and over to the side of my face, nibbling my neck, licking down to one nipple... he took it in his mouth, licked, sucked, nibbled, bit... It felt so good, and I kissed his shoulder appreciatevely. After a few minutes of the unbearable torture, I pushed him over and crawled on top of him and started kissing him and licking up underneath his jawline. I straddled his legs with my own, lining up the outline of his hard cock with my pussy, and we grinded our bodies together. It's never as good as the real thing, but we made do. It felt good, and before long, I was erupting in orgasm.

I knew that this wouldn't be good enough for Jason, and it had been at least two months since he'd gotten a blow job (from me anyway... LO and I really wanted to give him one... so I reached my small hand inside the waistband of his boxer briefs and started tugging gently and running my fingertips over the smooth hot surface of his cock. I'd forgotten what his cock tasted like... Devilishly, he asked what I was going to do with that, and with an equally ornery tone, I answered that I had a few ideas.

I moved down, trailing my fingertips down his body, and licked the head of his cock, using as much saliva as I could muster. Then, I licked and sucked on the vein on the underside, pulsing and tickling... With that, I started moving down slowly until the head was moving down my throat. I felt him shudder in pleasure, and that alone turned me on so much.

I started a cycle of deep throating, licking and sucking madly on the head, along with tugging gently on the sack and stroking the shaft with my hand. He breathlessly asked me if I was gonna swallow, and I answered with a mouth full of his cock. Of course I would. Wouldn't want to make a mess. He moaned in pleasure, and I knew the end was near. He put his hands on the sides of my head, guiding my mouth at the speed he found most pleasureable. He grunted as my tongue flew around the head, licking and sucking... I kept swallowing my saliva, making room for the load of cum that I knew was coming, and suddenly, there it was. Creamy, salty, and tasty... I swallowed it all, and licked any excess gently from the head of his cock.

As I crawled back up to the pillow, and his waiting arms, I asked him if it was OK. He said, "Baby, that was way more than OK." He kissed me, still tasting his fluids on my lips, and held me close as we drifted off to sleep.

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