#1 -- A little birthday fun...  

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7/20/2005 7:34 pm

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#1 -- A little birthday fun...

Well, I don't have anything to list tonight... So I'll go with my most recent sexual encounter...

Questions are welcome!

*For animosity's sake, we're going to call my boyfriend Jason.*

Last Friday night, the eve of my 21st birthday, I was at my boyfriend's place, and we went to bed, sans clothes, as always, but he with his boxer briefs (hot!) and me with my lime green bikini undies.

We were talking, as we usually do before drifting off into dreamworld, and he started kissing me. First my lips, then my jawline, down my neck to my collarbone (right where it makes me shiver!) and then nibbled on my earlobe, which totally drives me crazy and makes me soooo wet...

I rolled over with my back towards him as he continued to nibble on my ears, and I pushed my round ass into his hard 7" dick... I can't count how many times he's driven it inside me, hitting bottom and making me moan. I moved my hips up and down, rubbing his dick with my ass, as his fingertips moved down to my 38D breasts, rolling and squeezing my nipples. I felt the juice start too ooze out of me, and a small moan escaped my mouth.

I rolled back over, facing him as his fingers worked their way inside my panties, smoothing down over my bare mound, and parting my hairless lips. His touch drives me crazy. Slowly, the tip of his middle finger dipped inside my pussy, retrieving some juice, and circled my hard clit, sending shivers throughout my body.

The next thing I knew, he was kneeling at my feet, pulling the waistband of my undies down past my knees, and placing them lovingly on the floor. He looked up at me, smiled, and dove tongue first into my waiting pussy, licking and sucking the lips, then swirling his tongue around my clit. It felt so good! Pretty soon, I couldn't take anymore, and he knew it. He leaned down, sucked on my clit, and I rode his face as I cummed so hard.

He then removed his boxer briefs, retrieved a condom from the drawer, rolled it on, and kneeled above me. He spread my legs apart, and slowly pushed the head of his cock into my waiting slit. Oh my gosh, it was so good. My blue eyes blazed into his blue-green ones as we both felt the ultimate pleasure. He slowly withdrew his cock from my pussy, and pushed it in a little harder. I grunted as he hit bottom, and ran my fingertips down his chest and held onto his arms... Once he gets me to cum once, I cum a lot, and with little time in between. I knew I was getting close, and Jason could tell too. He kept pushing harder, and I raised my hips to give him a better angle. He felt me start to shake beneath him, and drove in and stayed in deep as I rode my orgasm out.

He started pulling out again, and this time it was his turn. I saw the passion in his face as he was fucking me for all he was worth. He told me he was gonna cum and that my tight pussy felt so good around his aching cock, and with that, he came. His body fell slack, crushing me beneath his masculine weight. His cock slipped from within me, and he rolled off, got some towels to clean us up with, and laid back down in the bed with me, covered us up with the sheet, held me close, and looked across the room at his alarm clock. It was after midnight, and he kissed me on the forehead, and said, "Happy birthday, cutie." I looked up, smiled, and cuddled close to him, and said, "If this is any indication, it'll be my best birthday yet."

Vermonter1776 71M

7/22/2005 9:59 pm

what a bunch of crap! wash your mouth out with turpentine and get a life lady.

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