Something about myself.  

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8/3/2005 6:46 pm

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Something about myself.

Yes, I'm very much a dork on the inside. No, I don't mean a sea mammals' penis, I mean that I'm a gamer. Not so much a gamer as I used to be (I'm talking videogames here mind you.), but I do so very much enjoy that part of life. I used to be on the arcade scene a lot, played a lot of Street Fighter for money back 5 years or so, until that scene died. Most of my stomping grounds were Chicago, Ann Arbor, and Detroit (good ol' Wizzards on 8 mile just past Schoenner before it closed.)

Nowadays I concentrate more on school, work, and all that, but in no way am I dead as a gamer inside. Recently I've just been playing a few RPG's, or anything I can do with friends. If anyone on here is into World of Warcraft, you can find me on there every now and then. Message me if you'd like my character names.

God damn I'm a fucking dork...

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