part 2  

biwifecutie 46M/46F
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8/4/2006 10:19 am
part 2 I lie on the bed gasping, she comes over to me and begins to clean up my wet throbbing pussy. My husband and you sit back on the edge of the bed just basking in the knowledge that they made me that way and that your wife is cleaning me up.
As the guys move over to sit back and watch comfortably, my sweet friend reaches up for my breasts and takes one in her hot wet mouth. I moan so slowly and hear one of the men say "yeah, make her moan girl". That's all it takes and I'm immediately sent into a hot wet lusty orgasm with her sweet lips all around my pussy, sucking in my cum.
As she begins to slowing down, my body is trembling and I look up to see her now standing over me wearing my strap on......

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