My Best Fuck - A true story (Part 1)  

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9/7/2005 8:20 am

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My Best Fuck - A true story (Part 1)

I have been without ideas for the blog for a while. So this is a continuation of describing my most memorable sex adventures from the past.

When I was in my late 30's and married I worked in a large office with many others on a number of floors. There was a married woman in her early 40's on another floor who I would lightly flirt with when I would pass by her office.
We had worked together on projects in the past and we liked one another. She wasn't a looker. She was seriously overweight, small sagging breasts, puffy and pasty face, limp hair and cheap clothes. But she had a big, sexy mouth
with full lips and a fun, bold sense of humor. She also acted in a confident manner almost swaggering. She seemed like she would always know what she wanted and would not hesitate to go get it. She surprised me by asking me to join her and a few others from her office for a drink after work. I accepted and had a good time. A few weeks later she invited again but it was just the 2 of us. This time she invited me to have sex with her. I couldn't that nite so she suggested the coming Saturday morning at her house since her husband was out of town.

When I rang the doorbell that Saturday she answered wearing a wrap, standing away from the door, pulled me in and then give me a quick hard kiss. She then grabbed my hand without another word and led me up the stairs into her bedroom and over to the bed. She asked if she could help me get undressed. As typical it became awkward, she undoing my pants without taking off my shoes first. But after I was naked but still limp she dropped her wrap showing she was naked too and then put her arms around me and gave a softer more sexy kiss. She then pulled me down on the bed and we began to kiss and fondle each other.
I was right about her mouth. What a powerhouse. Her lips and tongue seemed to dominate my mouth. What a turn on. I then began working my way down her body and got between her legs and began licking her pussy. She seemed to enjoy it with quiet grunts and groans and then after my continuing eager licking gave a quiet wimper and shudder and squeezed her legs together with my head trapped between.
She then pulled me back up guiding my cock into her pussy. After she got me safe and sound inside her she then sucked and licked her pussy juices from my mouth and face. I was hot and drove my cock hard and deep into her pussy, pistoning in and out as fast as I could and came in just a couple of minutes. I rolled off her and we cuddled together. She then did something that I really liked. She didn't jump up and get a towel to wipe up our juices. She just let us be, all wet and juicy. I really liked that, sexy.

My next post will be the fun and surprising finish to this wonderful experience.

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