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6/24/2005 6:42 am

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The past writings re my sexual experiences were the first I have ever done on the topic. I found it revealing for myself. I have concluded that I enjoy having sex with guys but I'm not excited by guys. I totally crave women. But am frustrated by my inability to indulge that craving. Guys are a great substitute. A good guy partner makes me feel desired, allows me to be sexual in almost any fashion I wish, he seems to be pleased by my pleasure and its fun playing with his cock. In some ways a guy can please me better than a gal ever has. Reading this over I realize I am greedy about getting my own pleasure with men, I don't have as much interest in returning in kind. That self indulgence is something that is just about impossible for me with women. But despite that for me, the primary visceral, unconscious sexual driver is a desire for and arousal by women. I'm not sure what that means for me but I wanted to say it.

rm_counzler2005 72M

6/24/2005 9:51 am

My god!!! You've said what I've been thinking perfectly. Men are fine if there are no women available. The experience is very different. With men it's much more selfish. I joined this site in the hopes of finding women who were interested in sexuality as muchas I am. Hope it works.

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6/27/2005 6:22 am

In response to Counzier I'm afraid you are going to be disappointed if you are seeking women on AdultFriendFinder for recreational sex. Especially if the women are older than 40. There are lots of women in the system but they are looking for a BF or LTR and maybe some sex thrown in as a bonus. If you are seeking sexual contact with women try 3somes with a bi guy. Your bi orientation will get you into bed with the couple and then you can play with the gal (while enjoying the attention of the guy, of course).

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