worst experince of my life lol  

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8/24/2005 11:08 pm

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worst experince of my life lol

5 years ago i walked into a shop to see what i

could by.I wanted to by something for the house i

was renting at the time.Anyway while i was in the

shop i was talking to one of the sales ladies and

asking her questions about what i was looking for.

anyway i found a few things and of course i went

over to the counter to pay.But the ladie was a

total bitch she was rude but i just put on a smile

and kinda frowned.And as she had finished putting

the stuff into the bag and handing me my change

she walked around the counter holding my bag and

walking me to the door and opened it shoved me

out.I never really thought about it at the time

but i think she thought i was someone else that

probley had stole from her.But i have never stolen

a thing in my life.Well thats not true but i have

never stolen from a shop before.But i can tell u

know i'll probley never ever go back there my

whole family knows what happened.

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