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More jokes that i found today!

How do you make a redneck sheila feel good about


Compliment on her tooth.

What did spock find in the toilet?

The captain's log,

What do baghdad and hiroshima have in common?


what do you call a mexican with a rubber toe?


This guy went into a whorehouse.once in the room

with the prostitute,he put $50 on the table and

dropped his pants.The hooker almost fainted at the

sight of his 18-inch cock.Hold on,pal,"she said.

"i'll lick it,i'll suck it, but your not sticking

that thing in me."The man pulled up his pants,

picked up his $50 and said, "fuck that.I can do

all the other stuff myself.

It was harold's first day in the car pool.The car

pulled up outside his house,honked and harry came

running out.He was halfway down the path when he

heard a grunt and the sound of his wife's foot

tapping on the veranda.He turned around and there

she was scowling at him.He ran back to the steps,

spread her bathrobe,bent over and kissed her on

the snatch.Then he ran down to the care and

hopped in.After a few minutes the driver broke the

silence."Harry,it's none of my business."he said,

"but why did you kiss your missus down there?"

"well,"harry said,"you wouldn't belive her breath

in the mornings.

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hahah good ones!

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