Weird service  

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8/24/2005 4:48 pm

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Weird service

people who are suppose to help dont know what the

hell you are talking about.I walk into big w on

monday i was actuly looking for some clothes for

my daughter but they didnt have what i was after.

So i see this top yep i'll by it for myself hmm no

i actuly wont i buy clothes and never wear em so

back it goes.So i go around to wear the music and

videos section is ok there might be an old style

bugs bunny or daffy duck for my daughter to watch

but i couldnt see any just some cartoons but they

werent what i wanted.So i asked the guy who works

there and he had no idea what i was going on about

i said do you by any chance have any old style

cartoons such as bugs bunny?No sorry is his

reply he didnt even go and check.So i asked him

another question (i heard they are making another

dirty dancing)I said excuse me sorry do you have

the sequal to dirty dancing?He reaches up to the

the top shelf and hands me a dirty dancing sequal

but it wasent the one i was after eather.So i get

the video that i wanted tomb raider mmm yummy

angelina joli lol.Any way again i asked the man

and woman another question i couldent remember

the name of the video but i knew who where in it

jennifer garner and ben afflick and he plays a

blind guy but they didnt know what movie i was

talking about so i got my D.V.D and left.The

movie daredevil,I collect videos.

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