Real Life Dreams  

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8/27/2005 4:54 pm

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Real Life Dreams

I was having this dream about a car and a truck

colliding and it seemed so real it woke me up to

give me the creaps.I dont normaly worry about

dreams but this one got 2 me.So i got up i put on

the radio and 5 sec later the new came on and

there was a car crash excatly as it was in my

dream how weird.Oh and then i got another 1 this

time it was on a shooting it was in melbourne and

it happened during or after a night club had ended

a young man was shot but i cant remember all that

much now but there where a few other things in it.

Again i heard it on the news weird.But the

weirdest thing is i never use to have dreams like

this before i had my daughter.While i was preggers

i use to get the odd strange feeling that

something was wrong somewhere but i couldnt quite

work it out what it was.1 night i had a feeling a

friend who drives taxis was in trouble somewhere

but i couldnt quite work it out what was wrong.So

i went outside to have a smoke then go back 2 bed

by morning the owner of the taxi came over to

have a chat like he always does.So i asked him if

1 of the taxis had some trouble last night he said

yes sheila had a blown tyre but had 2 wait till

someone could do it for her lol.But now i havent

had any dreams happen lately.

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