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More Jokes for ya!!

Q:What Goes Clop,Clop,Bang,Bang,Clop,Clop?

A:An Amish Drive-By Shooting.

Q:Why Do Greeks Wear Gold Chains Around Their Necks?

A:So They Know Where To Stop Shaving.

Q:What Did The Blonde Say When She Found Out She Was Pregnant?

A:Are You Sure It's Mine.

A Fella stumbled out of a titty bar with his keys

in his hand.A copper who was walking his beat

confronted the drunk and asked, "Can i help you

sir?" "Yeah, "the bloke said loudly. "Shomebody's

shtolen my fucking car." The copper looked down

and noticed the drunk's tocko was hanging out of

his strides."Sir," the cop said, "are you aware

you're exposing yourself?" The guy looked down

and saw his old fella winking up at him. "Oh my

God!"He cringed. "They've nicked my girlfriend


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