Has anyone experinced dating a twin?  

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8/20/2005 2:22 am

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Has anyone experinced dating a twin?

I was heading out to a night club one night with

some friends.We where all sitting down talking and

laughing when i decided to go and get another

drink.On the way back this guy (Ben) bumped into

me he appoligesed and i said you dont need 2 be

sorry.We got talking and he told me he has a twin

brother,I said thats kool so at the end of the

night we exchaned phone numbers and kissed good

bye.The next fortnight we met up again but i

never thought of Ben as having a twin brother

before cos he never introduced me to him.But one

of the girls i went clubbing with knew him and

his brother John.Any way i kinda got thinking am i

with Ben or John tonight lol.Especily when u end

up together in bed 3 weeks later,but we only was

seeing eachother fortnightly while out clubbing.

That only lasted 3 months witch i wasnet too

bothered by it excepted he got a friend to do the

dirty work for him.She came up 2 me while i was

watching some guys play pool she came up to me

and said Ben doesnt want to see you any more.I

asked her who she was and she said a friend but

the funny thing was she thought i was going to

smack her once cos she backed back while walking

away.Has anyone experinced in dating a twin and

got confused at who was who you where seeing?.

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