Your Best First Date?  

bipolybabe 55F
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7/1/2006 3:54 am

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Your Best First Date?

[blog voodooguru1]'s post on I got a DATE! reminded me of the most unique first date I've had.

Initially, I wasn't terribly attracted to this particular man, someone I met through this site, but I wanted to give him a chance because, well, a workshop told me to. The workshop leader said that women should run from the men to whom they are strongly attracted and pay attention to the ones we like who seem to like us. This man seemed to like me quite a bit as he read my blog from start to finish. So, I wanted to give him a chance because my track record with the men for whom I had the total hots was dismal. I was curious to test whether this workshop leader might be on to something.

(See [post 280002], Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women, What a Relief! and Celebrating Men & Sex for more on these PAX International workshops. Attending them ranks as the best thing I have ever done for myself as a woman who loves men and finds they drive me crazy.)

My date didn't tell me in advance our plans except to say that the place we were going was fairly casual and that the event would be rather brief, half an hour to 45 minutes. It's a good thing he suggested something short as I wouldn't have made a lot of time for him.

He picked me up in his convertible and drove me to hear vespers at the local Vedanta Temple (pictured left). It's a beautiful location in the mountains and very restful. There's no talking, just strange music as a woman waves some doodads around at the pictures on the altar in the front of the temple.

I was considerably more intrigued with this man after his taking me to a place I'd never been in my 26 years in Santa Barbara. Next I suggested rollerblading and playing naked soon after.

Two weeks later, I suggested that we move in together as both of us needed to move anyway. That's how I got to know my current Live-In Penis (LIP), a wonderful man to whom I am intensely attracted thanks to his ability to deliver great sex on a regular basis. Oh, and because he has the cutest muscular, round ass I've ever seen and a lovely shy smile when he admits that he lusts after me, too.

So, what's the best or most unique first date you've had?

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rm_Kyhammer2 47M/46F

7/1/2006 7:33 am

My most unique first date? Let's see, since my divorce several years ago I had been in three long-term relationships with three men that were completely wrong for me, but I chose to stay anyway. After saying goodbye to Mr. Wrong #3, I had all but given up on finding a man I could put up with, let alone fall in love with. Then a mutual friend calls to say he has a friend I need to go out with, explaining that me and his friend have the same "personality quirks". "Personality Quirks"? Well, after a couple of weeks of telling my friend "NO Thanks", I gave in and told him to give his friend my number and have him call if he's interested. After a week of phone conversations, we had our date night. I had been working in the yard all day, took longer in the shower than I had planned, and... damn, was that the door bell? Wouldn't you know it, he's right on time. We get seated at the restaurant and, with the attitude of he either likes me or not, I order the ribs. The conversation is light but lively, and then half way through our meal, I look down at my blouse and quip that I'm probably wearing the BBQ sauce from my ribs. Quick as a whit he responds "No, you're not, I've been looking". Looking? At my chest? Admiring the GIRLS? *Y* At that moment I realized my friend was right, personality quirks. Over the past year we have discovered many more "personality quirks" that we share. I hope to still be discovering more about my man as we snuggle, naked under a blanket, on our porch swing when we are old and gray.

bipolybabe replies on 7/1/2006 9:33 am:
I thought you were going to reveal that your "girls" were totally revealed. From your picutre, I can see why he'd have been focussed on your lovely chest.

I took a look at your blog. I love the "Lesbian Trapped in a Man's Body."

My therapist and I have talked about how all men should become "lesbian lovers," focussed on giving pleasure in an infinite variety of ways, rather than relying on their dicks.

You go, girl!


caressmewell 53F

7/1/2006 10:46 am

I was 22 and he was 26, we met at a party thrown by a mutual friend. He called me the next day and asked if I would like to go on a picnic the next day. Little did I know at the time we would have to get to our destination by canoe. All in all it was a wonderful time and gave us the opportunity to talk and enjoy the nature around us. We ended up dating for 6 months and spent the vast majority of our time surrounded by nature...good thing we always took a blanket.

bipolybabe replies on 7/2/2006 12:17 pm:
That sounds great. I love sex outdoors!


wickedeasy 67F  
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7/1/2006 11:09 am

a blind date - i mean really blind - and we went to the movies - his choice. after the movie, he asked if i would like to see his house and i said okay. he took me to the sirport and we flew to Newport and landed on this tiny airfield and drove to a mansion. I met his mother and she told him i looked like a floozy - grins

he brought me back to Boston but left me at the airport to find my own way home - he said, "mother is never wrong"

his name was Brighton - i shoulda known better

You cannot conceive the many without the one.

bipolybabe replies on 7/2/2006 12:23 pm:
Yeah, Brighton sounds like a mama's boy.

Of course, my son is a mama's boy, too, but that's appropriate when he's only 11. At 21 or 31 or 41, I expect he'll be his own man.


rm_kelli4u2dew 41F
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7/1/2006 12:13 pm

A blind date, set up from a contact on another web site. He said we were going on a picnic. Ended up at a car race track, drinking beer with his redneck buddies.

Another blind date, met at a French restaurant, magnificent meal, wonderful bottle of wine, nice but rather boring conversation. When we walked out to the parking lot, he got agitated when I wouldn't leave my car and go to his place in his car. Then he tried to assault me in the front seat of my civic. Said I owed him for spending so much on the meal.

Or then there was the party I went to with a guy in college - and ended up walking 6 miles home.

All of those were "unique".

bipolybabe replies on 7/2/2006 12:25 pm:
That's part of why I don't "date." I fuck without someone feeding me just so there's never any question about sex for money.

I hate that whole societal thing, three dates = free sex! It shouldn't be like that.

Let's change it, okay?


expatbrit49 63M

7/1/2006 3:15 pm

I dont date.. takes too much time away from the sex

Thank You for Your Time and Attention

bipolybabe replies on 7/2/2006 12:27 pm:
I don't usually date either. As I told kelli, I don't go out to dinner because I hate that equation of three dates = free sex.

I fuck or I don't fuck, entirely on my own choice.

In this case, I hadn't decided if I wanted to fuck him or not. I liked him, but wasn't sure it there were enough there, so I wanted to see if I liked him.

Where he took me totally intrigued me and had me take a closer look.


ProtonicMan 48M

7/1/2006 6:03 pm

I've had some "odd" ones... I was trying to meet women via a telephone-dating service in the pre-web days. Met a girl on the phone, picked her up, took her to a movie, took her home. Never saw here again.

Another time, I had gone in to see about getting new car insurance one evening. Sat and talked with the agent a while. When I got home, I got a phone call. "I forgot to ask if you smoke..."

"No, I don't."

"OK. And do you remember Kelly? She was sitting over at the other desk?"

"Yeah, I remember her." She was pretty.

"Would you like to meet her for dinner?"

"OK. Put her on the phone."

We met for dinner, and I liked her. I thought we kinda clicked. But her house was broken into a day or two later, and she didn't want to talk any more. Too bad, I would have liked to seen where that went.


bipolybabe replies on 7/2/2006 12:28 pm:
Take note of the impact of an intriguing date idea!


purpletrashcan 51F
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7/1/2006 8:42 pm

A blind date...he told me to meet him at a rest area between our houses, described his car etc....when I walked up to the car he was wanking himself off and wearing a trenchcoat! Thats all he was wearing! Said he liked to get "caught" wanking in public. Help!

Pull My Fucking Hair!

bipolybabe replies on 7/2/2006 12:30 pm:
Aaagh! That's one I've never experienced.

I did meet a guy down at the beach--at night--breaking my own rule about meeting the first time in daylight. While we were kissing, he asked if I could taste the lithium he was taking for his bipolar condition.

Then, when he started talking about how we was no longer willing to "take it" like a nice guy any more, I fled.


rm_xxx1on1xxx 64M

7/2/2006 2:18 pm

A friends BOSS....and I was told she was attached.....but only a week later, had broken up with her boyfriend. I said I would wait and NOT be the rebound.....I waited a week. I bought two tickets to a baseball game and called my friend to tell him no matter what I asked....he was BUSY that night. I went by his work and told him I had two tickets to the ball game that night...asked if he wanted to go.......oh no he said....I have plans! So I said to Julie, his boss....."do YOU like baseball"?....I had dinner ready when she got to my place...she changed...we ate quickly and off to the game. We sat, slightly turned towards each other and totally ignored the game....her legs draped over my knees....we simply talked. Some around us were angered but we barely noticed.....2 people lost in a crowd......connected. We drove back to my house...I kissed her goodnight and she drove was date 3 before we got any closer.....and she went BACK to the "boyfriend"........2 months later...I was indeed....a rebound.

rm_xxx1on1xxx 64M

7/2/2006 2:22 pm

OH...btw kelli........if you'd like to compare...I CAN tell you about the "first date"...I had....shall we say UNIQUE.....I took a woman from this site on a 7 day Caribbean Cruise.......and for now I'll leave it as.........a UNIQUE...nightmare.......if you want more have to share

rm_galileopan 61M
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7/2/2006 10:52 pm

... or as The Queen once put it: "OK, who's had sex *before* the first date?" Almost 3 year ago, I met The Queen at a gang bang (her first, and my only). It was hot and fun (I came back for seconds), but that's all it was: a hot adventure being part of somebody's fantasy. We were intrigued enough to get together a couple more times as a threesome with her husband for play when they were in town -- also hot and fun. Then she pursued me for months for a one-on-one date (unheard-of for her, but I didn't know that). At some point we ramped up the emotional intensity via email and that finally motivated me to clear my schedule and other commitments to drive the 200 or so miles to meet her.

I remember telling her how to recognize me in the hotel parking lot, and I was embarassed about my car. She thought that meant I had a junker and reassured me she didn't care about that kind of BS. Actually I was embarassed because I'd decided -- once in my life -- to splurge on an expensive car, so I was driving a new Lexus, and I was afraid she'd think me shallow. We both brought books in case things got awkward or we just needed a rest and downtime. Neither of us read a word of them. My life was changed -- I was hopelessly in love and knew I'd met The One, sexually (though at no time have either of us contemplated leaving our spouses, to whom we are completely devoted).

Why did that change happen then and not earlier? I have no idea. It was like somebody had plugged our pleasure centers into the cosmic power supply. Or The Goddess of Good Fucking spoke to me and said "She is my gift to you, and you are hers. I don't get any more generous or obvious than this". All those years of study and pleasure / practice were their own reward, but whaddaya know: it all prepared me for this. And at almost age 50, this was revealed to me in one hours-long ecstatic instant.

*That* was my best first date.

Prof10001 56M
1491 posts
7/6/2006 8:39 pm

Best first date was Katie.

Check my blog for details.


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