Kegels Provide Muscle Tone for Bigger Orgasms  

bipolybabe 54F
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6/9/2006 2:52 pm

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Kegels Provide Muscle Tone for Bigger Orgasms

For me, as a woman, I credit a toned PC (pubococcyx) muscle as the number one thing that has offered me more powerful, longer-lasting orgasms. And a lot more sensation for me and my partner with intercourse.

For men, as I understand it, a toned BC (bulbocavernous) muscle increases their ability to delay ejaculation, as well as become multi-orgasmic.

So, how do you get a toned PC or BC muscle?

By doing kegel exercises or, as practitioners of Tantric sex call it, mulabanda.

First, you--male or female--have to find your PC muscle. You locate it by practicing stopping the flow of urine.

I first started practicing by reminding myself to do kegels every time I was stopped at a stop light or stop sign. Then, I realized no one would know. I started doing them every time I thought about sex, which means I have very strong muscles!

It's also possible to do a PC or BC-muscle specific workout. Some teachers recommend working out the muscle fr 15 minutes --really hard-- three times a week and resting it the rest of the time.

For women's workout, use an onyx egg (available at a website called lovenectar dot you know want) which has a string attached.

To that string, attach a little bag of pebbles. Insert the egg in your yoni (pussy) and practice dropping and lifting it.

Men start their BC workout with an erect penis and a washcloth and practice lifting their cocks upward. Eventually, you may work up to wet towel lifts. This is a cool trick to master because during intercourse as you can use your cock to tap a woman's G-spot, as well as control ejaculation more effectively. This is the muscle to squeeze to delay ejaculation.

Remember you can squeeze that muscle any time you think about sex. No one will know but you. Keep at it, and you'll be singing a new orgasmic tune in no time!

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ProtonicMan 47M

6/9/2006 7:18 pm

I'll echo spunky's comments! Guys, you need to learn this stuff! Actually, only the guys who live outside of a 100 mile radius of me need to learn this. The rest of you can continue to fumble along ignorantly. I'll pick up your slack.

In my first opportunity since I started reading this wonderful blog, I tried out a few of the things I've learned here and on the phone calls. I need more practice, but I don't think she will object.


imLadyBambi 58M/50F

6/9/2006 8:59 pm

Mr. Bambi here...

Thanks. I start my training program tomorrow. I'll have Lady Bambi report back to you in a couple of months.

rm_shannee2006 52F
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6/10/2006 7:50 am

I know a woman who added a more rigorous tone to her pc muscles. She ended up bruising men when she came. I would worry about that myself. I don't want to bruise someone when I have sex. But it would be nice to be able to bring a man off with only flexing my muscles as I've read about.

Yup...this juiciness is from me....



6/10/2006 1:03 pm

I have been doing Kegels for 20 years since I found out about em but this egg and rocks...I have got to have it....I feel empowered and turned by the thought of playing like a flute

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

bipolybabe replies on 6/10/2006 6:30 pm:
You are so funny. Wanna race to see who gets to the flute-playing first?


PurplePeach72 44F  
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6/11/2006 3:32 am

Just started reading your blog, and I am very impressed. It's nice to see that sex education is finally teaching the general public about how to have better sex not just safer sex. I've been doing Kegel exercises for over 20years and have had many lover comment on my ability to play their flutes. Not to mention the great benefits that I reap. I do know a few men who do Kegel's but I sure wish there were Keep up the good work.


bipolybabe replies on 6/13/2006 9:39 am:
Thank you. I'll let you know when I learn to play a tune!


FunInTallinn3 45M

6/29/2008 12:49 pm

Realize I am posting on this one that is a little dated now, sorry, just came across this blog recently. I hope you see it and answer.

I have stopped and started my urine since about my mid-twenties. Didn't even know I was doing a form of a kegel. I actually started it thinking it might be a way to stop that annoying side spray when I started urination (but think that is more to do with having maybe sat awhile and squeezed things up) or could stop urination without the dribble that is normally sometimes experienced (at least one doctor said it was normal when I queried him about it). I thought it certainly couldn't hurt to do it. I am lucky to date since I've never really had any erection, orgasm ejaculation or urination issues in my life. Sometimes I wonder if it is due to the habit I have of stopping and starting urination every time I urinate.

So, I guess now I just need to take it to the next level, exercise and further my education, as I think I am comfortable in knowing where my PC muscle is and how it feels.

I have a question to you: As far as a man being multi-orgasmic. You know, this thought never has really occurred to me outside maybe a few occasional "wouldn't it be great to cum forever" thoughts. It is always something I've associated mainly with women. Probably because that is only the mainstream talk that it is associated with. For a man, does this mean that a man can release some cum during an orgasm, say maybe two to four or five releases (spasms) and then experience that almost immediately again? And the initial spasm of cum just as strong as the first initial cum? I am assuming or perhaps hoping that's what it means! Or is the fact that you have more than one spasm during an orgasm mean a multi-orgasm? I sure hope it's the former which I've never experienced and would be amazing, to feel like maybe you could cum forever. Yes, utopia! Or maybe not, but, would feel good for that much longer.

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