bipolybabe 54F
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3/27/2006 8:52 pm

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4/29/2006 6:39 pm


Is it just my imagination or are the only people who read blogs also blog writers?

Is Blogland just one incestuous little sexpool?

If so, please allow me to be the last one to dive in and turn out the lights.


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libgemOH 56M/52F

3/28/2006 5:39 am

Incestuous little sexpool??? GOD I love it! ROFLMFAO!!! -B

rm_putt675 50M
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3/28/2006 6:27 am

Know exactly what you mean, and I am guilty of it myself. I read a blog, maybe leave a comment, and then move on and read one of the other's who commented. Rarely do I leave the circle that I have found, but that is not all bad.

Currently, the people I am reading and commenting with are the most interesting on AdultFriendFinder. When somebody else comes along and piques my interest, I may venture outside the incestuous little sexpool.

campfirecozy 66M

3/28/2006 6:52 am

From responses that I have received via email recently here on AdultFriendFinder, there seems to be a large portion of the population who still haven't a clue what a blog is...those who do, seem to catch on to the sexpool community benefits of reading, writing, and commenting.

If you turn off the lights, just make sure the keyboad is glow-in-the-dark,

MissAnnThrope 56F
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3/28/2006 11:42 am

Oh, that goes beyond the blogs. It happens everywhere in the site. People who hang out in various areas. I was about to write a bit of a rant about this, but about another area of the site. Heh.

rm_horny4u2me 60M/56F
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4/29/2006 5:32 pm

So does that make me a rebel, a homewrecker, a voyeur(sp?), or is it okay if i stick my foot into the pool every once in awhile? Really enjoy the blog Bipolybabe, and the lessons in Tantra, too.

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