How can the young ones get great sex?  

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2/24/2006 5:27 pm

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How can the young ones get great sex?

Hmmm..."How can the younger ones get great sex?"

It's a question posed by one who responded to an earlier blog. What ideas do you have?

Here are my thoughts:

It's pretty simple, and it's damned hard.

For guys: Ask, ask, ask.

"Do you like this? How about this? Do you want it softer? Harder? Faster? Slower?"

For gals: Tell, tell, tell.

"I want to touch myself while you touch yourself. I'll come when you suck on my clit while you massage my G-spot. I'll squirt (ejaculate) when my legs are above my head and your cock hits my G-spot. "

Men and women aren't trained to do these things that will assure better sex for everyone. Men don't ask directions. Women won't give directions unless they are asked.

And, this level of communication requires that women also know what they like. Do you know any 20-year-old women who know they can ejaculate? An amazing number of women don't know what it will take to make sex great for them. Their partners can give them permission to figure it out by encouraging them to masturbate and letting them know that it's a natural part of human sexual expression even when one has a partner. Men learn about their bodies by touching themselves. Women need to do the same.

How about breaking through this barrier of asking and telling and letting me know how it works?

And, please post other ideas for how to get the really great sex.

And, if what you really want to know is how to find someone who is open and interested, let me know. That's a different answer!

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