My Inner Thoughts part #8 I'll have a Big Dick & A Pepsi Please !  

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9/1/2005 12:53 am

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My Inner Thoughts part #8 I'll have a Big Dick & A Pepsi Please !

Geez! I haven't posted anything for a little bit.
I've been working and kinda tired. I have been to 5 Swing Parties in 2 months time. I've met quite a few ppl. I have not had contact with Jeff , till about 1 week ago. He contacted me via email asking to see me again. I agreed but never made it over his place. I just had second thoughts and decided against it. I mean I would really like to go , it's just that I don't think it's a good idea. I can assure you though , that I truly miss the dick-downs he gave me in the past. My hair now is in perfect condition and I'm not happy about it. When I was seeing Jeff, My hair was all ways (Tore Up From The Floor Up) I enjoyed having him fuck the perm rt outta my hair. Maybe I'll give in and go see him Thursday Nite , I mean I'm off from work and I have a full-Tank of this ever increasing expensive A** Gas. I'm looking for a new playmate , someone that can make me feel just as good. I'm so horny that even if I masturbate it doesn't do anything but make me wear a pair of jeans with No undies to feel the material pressing up against my clit so I can cum . I am on fire , I need to get fucked now and good . I need a Nice Thick Cock in My azz so I can Milk it dry. I'm so horny I just want a cock rubbed all over My body so I can feel the heat from that Hard Cock. Damn! I need The Perfect Hook-Up > A Big Dick & A Pepsi ( wink)

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