My Inner Thoughts # 4 ( I  

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8/9/2005 3:38 am

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My Inner Thoughts # 4 ( I

I was so horny & bored Friday 5th 2005. I was chatting on yahoo as usual when an old friend hit me up to chat. I really didn't want to talk to him but I was so bored that I agreed. I can't for the life of me explain why this guy wanted to still meet me , I've stood him up like 10 times already.We talked for a bit and he as usual asked to meet me , finally I was like what the Hell. I went to go see him, Yes! PPl I drove all the way to Woodbridge near Dale City to meet this guy. He lived quite some distance , when I thought I was near I found out I wasn't. Finally I arrived at his place and he answered his door, he was younger than I expected he'd look. He's 28 and a whitemale . His home was very clean and you could tell he lived alone. We talked for a bit and I was very comfortable with him.I changed into a Baby Doll Teddy and he loved it , I was so glad. He's very Good looking and very clean. He did something that took me by surprise > He rubbed My cheeks and gently moved my hair to the side and kissed my neck and My lips and My forehead. I tried to pay it no mind but it felt so good and he was so gentle.My pussy was so hot I could feel it throbbing . He kissed me all over from head to toes and I just laid there while he treated me like I was the women for him. He was driving me crazy , I couldn't wait to have his cock in my mouth. He laid me on My back and licked my clit with grace & speed , I couldn't control my screams . He was driving me so crazy My head was spinning. I loved what he was doing to me, I didn't want it to ever end. I couldn't take it anymore I shifted up and I grabed him and began licking & sucking his gorgeous cock . I put every skill I knew to work on that cock of his, Yes! ppl he was worth it. I was proud to give him My 100% we were both moaning and all u could hear was smackig sounds.We both layed side ways and started doing 69 and I loved it , I SCREAMED THAT MANS name out so much I was losing my voice. It was pure HEAVEN having him lick my clit ( He knew my body well ).Finally we couldn't take it and he laid me down and stuck his cock in me and I melted in pure pleasure. I screamed when he penatrated me , his cock was burning HOT , I kissed him and I shifted my weight so I good get every single inch of of his cock in me. I was amazed at how much cock this guy had it was (Fucking Perfect) I don't care what ppl say , I prefer white cock and some whiteguys are blessed. He fucked me so deep and slow that I was cuming like crazy. I was screaming and cuming and crying all at the sametime. I mean it was the best Dick I've ever had. ( No I'm not kidding)All the while he was fucking me he was stroking my tummy, neck, my lips, and my legs. We fucked looking in each others eyes and tongue kissing. I mean he was so far in me , that I felt joined to him. We decided to change positions and I stood up to get some water on his dresser and he bent me over and he held me that way and I knew what he wanted becuz I wanted the same. He opened My azz and licked me so Damn good I was dizzy, I wanted this to never stop.I then put one leg on the dresser and let the other stay on the floor and he put his Thick cock in My azz , I screamed at first and then he pinched my nipples and I forgot all about the pain due to the pleasure of my nipples being pinched. He was gentle but I kept begging for more and harder. He fucked me hard and deep and I tell u ppl , that I know for a fact we woke the entire complex up. I heard dogs barkings ( Smile) we were so loud ( or I WAS THAT LOUD). I didn't care I was getting the best dick of my 33 yrs of Life. He has a large mirror on his dresser and I loved the site of both of us, him being Ivory and me Ebony we mixed well. plus he had candles going so The images in the mirror were perfect.We moved to the bed next and I rode his cock, I held onto the rail of his bed and fucked him hard to show him I could handle that Big cock,in any position he dare put me in. I rode that thing for about 20 min before he put me on my knees and fucked my azz again.He said he loved the sounds I made, little did he know that having my azz fucked was what I enjoyed most of all. When it came time for him to cum , secretly I wanted to taste his juices but since we don't know each other I didn't. Aftewards he went to get me something cold to drink and we spooned and he played with my hair and rubbed my back .I kept thinking , why am I so comfortable with this guy. He smelled great , he looked great, and he was the best Lover I have ever had.We kissed more and more and ended up going at it again but for a longer time.Exhausted , I usually leave before the sky turns lite, but this time I stayed. We fell alseep in each others arms spooning like we were a couple. Just as I was dozing off he asked me something I usually ask (NEVER ENDING ) What are u thinking about ? I told him the truth , I'm comfortable with you and I like it.He replied that he was thinking the samething. We kissed and spooned and went to sleep.

We did the samething Saturday Nite also, I left Sunday Morning > I didn't make it to Church that day becuz I was exhausted...All I can think about is him, I still smell him and he's not around. I miss him and I ain't afraid to say it. We meet on these sites for sex and more sex , but when u feel like I do it's changed. I'm just curiuos as to how it would be to go to a Movie or dinner with him.

The only reason I'm not over his place rt now is that he has to be at work at 5 am and I like him too much to keep him awake > fucking his brains out!!! Plus we don't finish fucking till about 5 or 6 am . Oh ! and he kisses my lips, forehead , and the top of my head before saying Good Morning ! ..... Walks me to my car and kisses me good-bye! What a gentlemen .

I'm not all that sure what to do now , but I do know for a fact that I don't want him to stop doing anything he's doing ..... I'll let the cards unfold on there own.

whatever happens / happens ......


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