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Joke of the day

Two hobbits, Frodo and Pippin, go to a club and pull two girls. The night goes well, and the hobbits take the girls back to their den.

Frodo has had too much to drink, and whatever he does, he just can't get it up. To make matters worse, all he can hear from Pippin's room is

"Here I cum again.....1,2,3....uhhhhhhh".

The following morning, the hobbits meet for breakfast.

"Hello, Mr Frodo. How did your night go?"

"Terrible, Pippin. Whatever I did, I just couldn't get an erection - and listening to you didn't help me much!"

"I don't know what you mean" said Pippin, "and anyway, you think YOU had trouble????

I couldn't even get on the fuckin' bed!!"

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