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1/5/2006 2:01 pm

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Interesting Information

I'm planning a trip to the north of Canada next year. The travel agent told me you have to beware of bears in that area - especially if you're camping.

She told me that there are TWO types of bears in that region - brown and grizzly. Brown bears eat vegetation and small mammals only. Grizzlies are prone to attack larger mammals, and are renowned for their ability (and seeming willingness) to attack humans.

The travel agent advised that most bears attack when they are surprised, and the simplest way to avoid surprising them is to wear bells attached to your belt and jacket. They also advised that I should carry pepper spray - just in case of attack.

I asked the agent "How will I know which type of bear is in my area?"

"Simple" she said. "Check out their poo."

"What will that tell me?" I asked.

"Well", she said, "brown bear poo contains traces of berries and small mammal bones, whilst grizzly poo.......

....contains bells and smells of pepper".

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