England... Oh England...  

bingybongy 55M
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6/20/2006 3:18 pm

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6/27/2006 3:20 pm

England... Oh England...

I've had enough. I can't take this any more...

Watching England play football is like watching your mother-in-law drive over the cliff in your new Jaguar....Oh the agony! Oh the exhilaration!

I think we should ditch football and go back to what we really excel at...

1. Quince growing.
2. Tea brewing.
3. Understatement.
4. Looking white and pasty on beaches.
5. Queueing.
6. Doggerel.
7. Rock music.
8. Picture hanging.
9. Lawn mowing.
10. Irony.

No competition anywhere on any of these... unless YOU know different....

meerkittykat 42F

6/20/2006 4:24 pm

Well...admittedly, they didn't field their best 11 today. Owen came out early, I still don't think Rooney is 100%, Beckham is likely showing his age and did tire toward the end of the game, Gerrard didn't play until well into the second half and Gary Neville didn't play at all...I think..I could be wrong about that.

The Swedes exposed a suspect defense which will be a concern in the knockout stages and England really should have won today. That said, the English side is still one of the most talented in the world. They don't quite seem to be playing well as a unit yet....

phoenix639 49F

6/25/2006 2:19 pm

Well you know im no expert but after tonights game they need to get a grip fast.

Im still standing by getting shot of Robinson though, Rooney played much better tonight but he seemed to be limping a fair bit at times.

Why dont they have Lennon on more?

Why didnt Crouch come on?

Was Crouch kept off due to his yellow card in case he got another.
Am i right in thinking all yellow cards will be wiped now we go into the quarter finals?

bingybongy 55M

6/26/2006 5:39 am

They've GOT a grip... his name is Tord Grip, and he's Sven's "assistant".

Robinson is a liability - but David James terrifies me even more. The fact is... we're stuck with Robinson more than we're stuck with Beckham and Lampard.

Lennon won't get brought on because Eriksson is scared witless of playing attacking football.

Crouch didn't come on......because Eriksson LOVES playing defensive football.

I don't know about the yellow cards bit.... but Holland did a great hatchet job on Portugal for us, didn't they???? Two suspended and Ronaldo injured. Lovely jubbly!!!

I've ALWAYS liked the Dutch!!!

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