That's not me...  

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4/17/2006 12:34 pm
That's not me...

I'm not sure if that would turn you on anyway, but my profile pic isn't me. I could lie and say it was - and I suppose if you never saw this post you might still think it was...sorry, not sure how to fix that other than to direct you to read this small print.

I can't even stretch the truth and say it was me 9 months ago. I just stole the pic from the bountiful web where pics grow on every computer - millions of them. Besides, it's a lot easier than working out.

But that doesn't mean I'm not working out. Nope. In fact, I'm training - just for the perfect profile pic. Self absorbed? Narcissistic? Possibly. Probably. In high school I never paid attention to my body - until I joined swim team.

On the swim team all the guys wore were spandex tidy whiteys (mine was gold and black). So I blame that little suit for making me want to keep a decent body (cause it was co-ed and there were a lot girls I had crushes on). Twelve years ago I was ripped - I'm not ripped right now, but that's why I'm writing here.

I figure I'll keep blogging away until someone likes my body enough to want it.You'll get to see frequent pics.

So the pic to the left is me - today - literally just 15 minutes ago. It may look ok, but trust me, I'm sucking it in and flexing so the veins in my forehead are bulging - you just can't see that (though look closely and you can probably pick out my belly fat indicator or BFI - the red line you start to get when your belly folds in half while sitting down...)

I'll keep lifting and doing cardio until I give up or until someone actually writes me - so you're my motivation. Nothing like making your journy public to stay on track (think "The Biggest Loser" except I'm not that fat to start with...though I may be a loser in other respects - just wait til you get to know me!)

PS - This probably sounds completely like a pick up line, but oh well: if you want to send me your "progress pics"... - pretty clever, huh?) Oh, and I'm straight, so don't think it would be cute to send me "progress pics" of your penis going from limp to erect.

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